Inverted Wall

The Inverted Wall is a deceptively hard obstacle that can be scaled in a few different ways. One of they uses more brute strength and the other more finesse mixed with a good core.

For the pure power and brute strength method that is generally used by most elites you will want to approach the obstacle without slowing much and jump up and grab the top of the obstacle. From there you want to pull yourself up and over as if it is a wall but you won’t be able to rely on pushing off the wall with you feet. This becomes more of a muscle up. Once you are pulled up to your hips you can roll over the wall and jump down.

The second more common approach for the open heats is to scale the wall using the built in hand and feet grips. This is more the method the obstacle was named for. You are now climbing an inverted ladder up the inverted wall. Once you are at the top you can wrap your arms around the top and roll your body over. It’s fairly simple to do but requires some upper body strength. The plus side to this is that you can have a friend or a friendly stranger help push you over.

See these photos for more context:




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