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While going for the fastest known time on the Appalachian Trail Scott Jurek’s gear needs to be perfect. There is little to no room for error when attempting such a record. Scott is sponsored by Brooks which has a large impact on the gear he is wearing but there other things that aren’t by Brooks which are definitely worth noting. Read on so see a list of what he has worn for the 46 day journey. Oh and also check out our interview with him from day 39 of his attempt.



Top: When the weather was warm Scott primarily trekked in a singlet by Brooks, his sponsor. The closest that is currently available is the Brooks Streaker Singlet. When cold he would wear a top by Brooks as well, you will start to see a trend here, the Brooks LSD Jacket.

Bottom: It appeared he alternated between two styles of short/compression. There was the Brooks Sherpa Shorts and the Brooks Greenlight Tights.

Feet: Here is where it starts to get interesting, he wore many pairs of shoes. From what we can see he wore the following –

Brooks Cascadia 10

Brooks PureGrit 4

Brooks Pure Cadence 4

Additional Gear: Two more additional pieces of gear worth note was the under development vest from Ultimate Direction which is the now released Ultimate Direction SJ Ultra Vest 2.0 and the compression wraps he wore around his lower shin and ankle area. He explained why he wore the Pro-Tec Shin Splint Compression Wrap:

“One of the most prevalent injuries on the trail for thru hikers, including Appalachian Trail uber tough record holders Jennifer Pharr Davis and David Horton is Tibialis Anterior tendonitis/tendonosis. It can be excruciating and most problematic on steep, long downhills. It presents as a squeaky or grating type sensation while flexing the foot and ankle up and down. I wore Pro-Tec Athletics Shin Splint Compression Wraps preventively starting on Day 2 rather than waiting until I developed the injury. They became an essential part of my kit, I ended up wearing them everyday for the rest of my journey.

While they may have looked odd, they were well worth it! Like Ben Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.””


There you have it. You can break a record like Scott Jurek by wearing gear from a sponsored company with a wide range of gear or go it your own and piece it together. Not much of a take away besides the compression wraps he wore to prevent an injury but this is how he did it.


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