Underwear For Men (UFM) Review

Disclaimer: If you are offended by terms used to describe the male anatomical features, do not read this post.

UFMs (underwear for men) are the best sports underwear I have ever worn.  From a teen on the tennis court and mountain bike trails to a triathlete and now to solely a runner, they have enabled the most comfortable times I remember being while sweating profusely.  Most importantly, they are comfortable now in the present as a runner. It’s because running is what I do now, and I sweat and chafe more now than I ever have.   They are very comfortable, and they withstand long miles without the chafing and discomfort of other more popular name brands such as Adidas, Under Armour, and Reebok.  I would recommend purchasing and wearing these underwear for any sport or activity that involves sweating.

UFM Features

Comfort  – I ran 5, 10, and 20 miles in UFMs.  The five mile run at Stone Mountain on the Cherokee Trail that loops around the mountain was swift and easy.  I sweated plenty even in the cool temps of December.  The underwear felt snug and comfortable.  They held my man parts tight and in place with no rubbing together of my legs or acorns.  I will further discuss their comfort and use in the next section.

Support and Adjustability – The underwear has a draw string that supports and pulls your junk tight and in the right place no matter what your size (disclaimer:  this is a little bit of an assumption here because I am only the size that I am).  I can only imagine however that they fit most average, i.e. normal sizes.  At first, I thought the draw string would perhaps get in the way, rub the wrong way, or just plain irritate the lower man area (aka perineum, taint, chode, or in other words the area between the sack and poop shoot that is prone to catching on fire if you know what I mean).

Lightweight and breathable – The fabric is amazing.  It is a mix of 90 % polyester and 10 % elastane.  This combination makes them very lightweight.  I can barely tell I am wearing them other than the support of the adjustable draw string.  Furthermore, during the run and even after, the fabric wicks away sweat, and they seem to stay dry throughout.  It seems impossible, but they have stayed dry for up to 20 miles.  However, I have only used them during the unseasonably warm Georgia winter months.  I do not have any data on running in the spring, summer, or fall, where ball melting temperatures often occur.  I can only hope they work extremely well.

UFM Usage

Most of my time during this period of my life is in front of a 425 degree Waffle House grill.  It can get very hot and sweaty during busy times, especially during the summer.  My first experiences with UFMs were on the Waffle House grill.  I was pleasantly surprised about how comfortable I was on the grill.  I didn’t have to worry about going to the bathroom multiple times to scratch and/or wipe the sweat from my bum.  TMI.  However, that’s the truth when you are sweating and/or have a case of swamp ass.

As mentioned earlier, UFMs passed with an A+ on my first test of an easy 5 miler.  On the next run, I ran the first half of this year’s winter runtheatl.  I ran a little more than the first section, which totaled to about 10 miles.  The first 8 miles were great.  I felt awesome. However, at about mile 9, I was starting to feel a little burning and chaffing on my butt crack.  Not the taint region, but the actual crack itself.  I was a little disappointed with this while wearing the UFMs, however, I then realized I didn’t put on any body glide.  Well, no one is perfect, and even if I was wearing just a jock strap, I would still get chaffage from my cheeks rubbing together.  TMI.  I hope you read the disclaimer.   Well, as most of you know, body glide works miracles, and no matter what kind of underwear you are sporting, one must use body glide or some other balm. Nonetheless, as of now, I would still choose UFMs over any other brand of underwear out there.   I will try some other brands in the future, however, as of now I do believe I should always have a pair of UFMs on hand and close by.

UFM Durability

I really am not certain what the durability of the UFMs will be.  It would probably take a year and lots of miles to determine.   I have mostly used cotton briefs and boxer briefs as everyday underwear, and they have worn out fast.  I have used bike shorts that were similar material to UFMs for triathlons.  They seemed to wear out in the location of where the saddle sits.  I wouldn’t bet on it, but I am thinking that the UFMs will probably end up lasting a year or so and will probably wear out around the crack area from minor friction.  I hope they last longer.


UFM Pros and Cons


  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Breathability


  • They don’t have long pant versions.
  • Price.  The cost  of the underwear is a lot more expensive than other name brand underwear
  • They only have Underwear For Men.  Where’s the female version?


Reebok, Adidas, and Under Armour sports underwear

Similar Products

Products I compared were sports underwear made by Adidas, Reebok, and Under Armour. Adidas and Reebok underwear fit very nicely, however, the fabric that is situated in the lower man part region has too much unnecessary fabric that causes rubbing, chaffage, and discomfort.  The pair of Under Armour underwear I tested has an even greater amount of unnecessary amount of fabric and the cut of the fabric is unsatisfactory.  I would spend the extra $10 to $15 to get a more superior product.  Especially when dealing with such a delicate and sensitive area, aka the family jewels.

UFM Conclusion

UFMs (Underwear For Men) are close in verbage to UFOs, and I don’t think that that is a just a coincidence.  They are out of this world! They are the best underwear I have ever worn.  They are comfortable, adjustable, supportive, and breathable.  I can only imagine that they would withstand the test of time and mileage on the road or on trails.  I only tested them for up to 20 miles.  I plan to try them on a 50k this year and maybe a 50 mile closer to the end of the end or in 2018. Only time will tell.  For now, they are perfect, and I would recommend them to any runner or person who sweats profusely and is a fellow frequent sufferer of chaffing and/or swamp ass.  As for a recommendation for the UFM company, I would love to see a longer pant/tight version, and possibly even a wetsuit for surfing and/or cold weather obstacle racing.   These underwear make me happy.  So keep moving forward, happy running, and happy living!

Clayton Griffith

One day, Clayton made the mistake of getting too close to ORM co-founder Matt Davis. Now, most weekends, he is stuck with Matt running on a trail, on some train tracks, or at obstacle races. He also been forced to take on additional duties, such as writing for ORM, manning the ORM tent, and watching Matt's kids, all against his will.

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