Trail Toes Cream Review

Trail Toes review

Trail Toes review

Trail Toes advertises itself as being a “Phenomenal, Ultra-Extreme, Anti-friction foot and body cream”. I received my jar of this cream in Tampa, Florida right before running in the Special Ops Spartan Sprint. I knew that running an Obstacle Course Race in a stadium was going to present a unique mixture of running surfaces, stairs, ramps, and obstacles to negotiate. So I followed their directions and slathered the cream on the sides of my feet and my heels, then between each toe. My particular foot pains revolve around hot spots and eventually blisters on the balls of my feet and my entire soles actually, so I then coated all the skin on my feet with Trail Toes before putting on my socks and running the race.

I was pleasantly surprised after the race and an entire day of volunteering on my feet afterwards that I had absolutely no pain, blisters, or sore hot spots on my feet. Everything else may have been sore, but not my skin. I’ve used it every running or training session since then, even running on treadmills which really has killed the soles of my feet before, but I’ve not experienced any of my previous problems.

This past weekend I coated my feet liberally with Trail Toes again before running in the Georgia Spartan Sprint. I was curious about how it was going to perform because I knew that the first obstacle is usually something involving water and mud so that you run the whole race in wet shoes and socks; usually blister city if you’re not prepared. Sure enough, within 100 yards from the starting gate I was running in ice cold water and my shoes and socks were saturated. I ran the next 4.5 miles with no discomfort or pain, and for the first time in my life the soles of my feet did not add extra pain to all the other things on my body that were hurting.

I really like this product and plan to keep a ready supply available whenever I put my feet in stressful situations. They say their product is designed with “the extreme athlete in mind, but intended for everyone.” As someone who is far from being an “extreme athlete” I can assure you that everyone who ever had sore skin on their feet or blisters after running, walking, or just standing on their feet all day in work shoes would benefit from using Trail Toes. This is a great product for the OCR community and one that will definitely come in handy for all type of mud races.

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