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As Matt B. Davis and I were driving to Talladega Superspeedway this weekend for the first Bonefrog race of the 2017 season, we started listening to an audio book and began discussing whatever was coming to our minds at the time.

Matt asked, “why are you wearing those glasses”?

“I don’t know,” I said.  “They are the glasses I am reviewing for your website.”

“Duuuuddddddeeee!!!!”, gasped Matt B. Davis, “you totally didn’t tell me!”   Well, it was only 9 am, and I only just started on my morning coffee.   I pondered on why one might wear glasses on an obstacle course or mud run…to keep the sun, dirt, and mud out of their eyes?  Duh!  But how would I wipe them off?  And wouldn’t they just be a huge pain in the ass?…just another thing to worry about?   I am not a big fan of accessories dangling from my head or other body parts unless it’s a necessity, like something that holds food or water, or a hat, when I am working out.

It would be my first time wearing glasses for an obstacle race.  When I first was asked to review the new Tifosi Synapse glasses, I was perplexed.  I don’t like wearing glasses unless they are sunglasses, but, they might…keep shit out of my eyes!  So, I decided to accept the challenge.  I chose the race neon green color because they are bright and energetic, and the color ended up being the same color as the Bonefrog’s colors, so that was cool.  I chose the light night fototec lenses because I knew that I could be racing in any conditions, and these frames actually darken or lighten depending on the amount of ambient light.  I have been quite dubious from the start about being able to protect my eyes without them fogging however, so I started wearing them right away at my new job as a wildlife removal technician.  They are great for protecting my eyes against dust, construction materials, insulation dust, and the like, as well as rabid squirrels and raccoons, for the past few weeks. Also, they make me look the part for the job, which is a plus.  Fake it until you make it!   Anybody can make safety glasses however,  so keep reading to see how they would perform against the outdoors and elements of the Navy Seals built and tested obstacle course known as Bonefrog.

Tifosi Synapse Features

Vented Lenses  – This was the feature that I was skeptical about.  How would these glasses not fog up from the extreme amount of sweating that I do?  Well, the first time they would be tested was actually at Starbucks.  I went to Starbucks for coffee and ordered, and the steam coming from behind the counter immediately fogged up the glasses, and I thought…there is no way these glasses are going to work for an obstacle race.  The first mile of the race the glasses work great!  As I started to sweat a little bit, the wind in the speedway was howling.  The glasses were protecting my eyes from the wind as well as the wind was keeping the lenses defogged and dry.  I really was digging the vented lenses here.

Glare Guard and UVA/UVB Protection – These glasses are protected and coated with Tifosi’s proprietary glare guard that reduces eye strain.  I really enjoyed the view of the rolling green hills of middle Alabama with this object popping feature that enhances sight and clarity of all visuals.  The obstacles really popped out in front of me when I was running.  If I were an aging elite athlete, I would want these glasses on in order to focus in on all nicks and crannies in the obstacles and to be aware of all of my surroundings.  Furthermore, the glasses protected my face and eyes from the early spring sun sitting in the blue sky with their 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Grilamid TR-90 Frame and Hydrophilic Rubber – The frames are extremely lightweight and fit nicely on most faces.  They are made from hydrophilic rubber, which is very helpful because the more you sweat, the more they stick to your head.  Lastly, the glasses are very well made.  They are close to indestructible.  I dropped them a few times during the race, and afterwards they had no marks or scratches.


Tifosi Synapse Usage

I have used these glasses for both work and play.  I have used them for my new job as a wildlife removal technician. The fototec lenses change their tint depending on the amount of ambient light, so, they are perfect for using them inside and out.  They protect my eyes from the sun working on roofs as well as from working with lots of dust and debris in attics and crawl spaces.   The Bonefrog race put them to the test.  They performed very well in low light conditions with lots of wind and low humidity.  However, when I started sweating profusely in direct sunlight, the glasses started to fog just a little bit and sweat beads ran down the lenses.   I was not particularly agitated by this phenomenon, however it would have been nice to have a clothe to wipe them down with.  As I came to obstacles and took a breath, the glasses quickly defogged.  However, when I fell off the balance beam and fell into the river, the glasses became soaked.  I had to take the glasses off and run with them in my hand.  They would not dry quickly and I did not have a rag to dry them off with.  I could keep them on and just deal with it, however, it was more comfortable to just run with them in my hand.   We soon came to the memorial obstacle where we did 31 burpees for fallen soldiers, so I just took them off when I did the burpees.  They dried off and I continued to run with them on.

Tifosi Synapse Durability

These glasses seem to be extremely durable.  They are made of a nylon material that resists chemical and UV damage.  They also have a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.  I would try to run them over with my truck, however, I really don’t want to attempt the obvious.  I do believe they will sustain most usual wear and tear. Just don’t lose them or run them over.

Tifosi Synapse Pros and Cons


  • They are extremely lightweight.
  • The vented lenses provide a nice breeze.
  • They are durable.
  • The glare guard.


  • They still fog and take a little while to dry.

Tifosi Synapse Conclusion

These are great glasses for all types of activities.  The use of these at obstacle races is debatable, however.  People, especially elite and competitive athletes,  might not like having to take care of them during the race.  They would have to find something to wipe them off with if they get muddy, and sweat and high humidity seems like they can make them fog a bit.  When they are wet they don’t work as well, and they might have to take them off for some obstacles.  Overall,  they are fairly priced and have a lifetime warranty.  I would definitely buy them.   They are a runner’s, biker’s, and sportsman’s best friend.  I would advise that they work best in dry environments.  They do a great job at keeping out dust and dirt, however, mud can be an issue.  I love them and am truly grateful for being able to review them.


Clayton Griffith

One day, Clayton made the mistake of getting too close to ORM co-founder Matt Davis. Now, most weekends, he is stuck with Matt running on a trail, on some train tracks, or at obstacle races. He also been forced to take on additional duties, such as writing for ORM, manning the ORM tent, and watching Matt's kids, all against his will.

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