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Roomel Changing Towel
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The Roomel is a portable changing room for people that need the get changed when wet or away from a convenient closed off area. Besides working as a changing room it is also made of a soft towel material to dry you while changing.


A few weeks ago I was asked to try out a new product from 3i Products, the Roomel. When I read the product description, I was instantly intrigued by the idea of a “changing towel plus bag all in one perfect product”. If you tell me that I don’t have to make my way blindly through a dark, congested, naked body fest also known as a changing tent… count me in!

I had the opportunity to use the Roomel over the weekend at the Ultimate Challenge Mud Run in Columbia, SC. After the race, I was covered in Carolina mud (which is dark and thick and made me look like swamp thing) so I decided to rinse off in the showers to get “clean”. Once I had my spa treatment off of my body I decided to pull out my Roomel and change in front of my fellow racers.


I absolutely loved the color and design of the built in carrying bag. The navy bag with pink trim caught my attention as something stylish and feminine all in one. The bag is made of water-resistant material which allows you to store accessories and extra clothes without getting them damp.

Roomel Main Features

1. Zipper thumb tabs for easy grip.
2. A multi-purpose bag strap which helps with carrying the Roomel, or hanging it up to dry.
3. The water-resistant outer shell keeps your valuables dry.
4. The outer pocket provides a safe water-resistant space for items such as keys, wallets, and cell phones.


Another cool feature of the Roomel is the fact the towel is built into the bag and all unfolds as one piece. I was also pleasantly surprised that my towel was a different color than my bag. The towel portion was a grey with pink trim, another classy touch to make you feel girly when dirty.

Roomel Additional Features

1. A zippered storage compartment to keep your change of clothes or other belongings.
2. A fully adjustable cinch which allows you to secure the towel to your waist so you don’t flash your goodies to the world.
3. The water-resistant bag gets tucked away inside of the towel to act as a hidden storage compartment.
4. The 100% terry cotton material is extremely soft and absorbent.
5. The hand access slits allows you to maneuver inside the towel to remove clothing.
6. A full length zipper to secure the towel closed from top to bottom while it is wrapped around you.


They say honesty is the best policy, so here it goes. I do think the Roomel is a great innovative product, however; it is very tricky for women to use. I started with changing my bottoms first which was a breeze and super easy, convenient, and actually pretty fun. It was funny watching boys struggle to juggle their towel and change their shorts when I was just standing there having a blast not worrying if I was about to moon my neighbor. In a matter of minutes I had fresh shorts on!


As for my top half…that is an entirely different story. The demonstration instructions show the female cinching the Roomel around her neck and changing with her head out of the towel. However, I wasn’t changing a bathing suit. I had a drenched wet sports bra on that had to get over my head, but how? As I stood there almost in a panic not knowing how to get my sports bra off without a peep show to my fellow mud runners, I had to revert to my back up plan. Luckily my friends were able to use their towels and form a circle around me so I could get my bra up and over my head without being seen. I had to use them again to get my clean sports bra back on. Once my sports bra was in check I was able to drop all towels and put my shirt on without offending anyone’s eyes (hopefully).


Suggestions: The Roomel is fantastic for men! I can also see this product functioning amazing at the beach with a bathing suit on which doesn’t require you to go over the head to take it on or off. For sporting events like obstacle races, I do not see myself using it other than to change my bottoms. Unfortunately, women tend to wear sports bras that require you to go over the head which is virtually impossible to do with the Roomel. If there is a way to possibly get the towel over your head better without suffocating as you change, that would be helpful. The towel material was perfect for absorbing extra moisture from my post-race shower, however; once I was putting on new clothes it got really heavy and almost stuck to me. I think that if one side was the super absorbent towel and the other side was the water-resistant material like the bag it would make it easy to dry off using the towel and then change using the water-resistant side. Just a thought.


Roomel Summary

Overall, I really like the idea of the Roomel. A normal (well made) towel can run you up to about $20.00. The Roomel’s price point sits at $49.99 which may be hard to swallow for a towel. However, if you can think of all the possibilities for this product, the price may be worth it to you. It is extremely easy to clean and pack (you just pop it in the washer like a towel and fold it back up after it is dry). I will continue to take it on trips to races so that the men in my group can use it. I will most likely use it in the changing room so I can do my bottoms using the Roomel, but change my top amongst other women. I would also like to try it in a beach or pool scenario to see how well a bathing suit does. The Roomel is a great product and with minor changes I could see it working better for women and in an obstacle racing environment.

If you want to learn more about the Roomel and you can here.

*Photos By: 3i Products, Allison Dacus, and David Lanier

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