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Altra Lone Peak 1.5
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Altra, the company famous for the non-traditional zero drop foot-shaped sneaker, has created a shoe that might be of interest to obstacle racers.


The Altra Lone Peak 1.5 is a shoe designed for all the off-road training that leads up to race day. The Lone Peak 1.5 is perfect for trail running and hiking. Its wide toe box is designed to accommodate individuals with wider feet but still has enough fit through the midfoot and heel to keep the shoe snug. The underside of the shoe features traction that is good for hitting the trails but might be less than what you need for a more rugged obstacle course race.

Altra Lone Peak 1.5 Features

Fit – Altras stand out from other sneakers because of their unique fit. The front is wide, so wide that it almost has a clown shoe type of appearance. Aesthetics aside, this is the main advantage of Altras. If you are someone with wide feet, Altras are guaranteed to be a top pick; having a wide toe box will help alleviate problems with blisters that can crop up in other shoes that fit more tightly.


Despite the wide toe box, the Altra Lone Peak 1.5 is not loose on the foot. The midfoot section and heel are much more fitted, which keeps the sneaker from moving around. You might get a light back and forward motion when going down steep hills, so having your laces done up appropriately will be key. The sneaker is also fairly light, weighing around 10 oz. This makes it easier to run in than a traditional hiking boot, so the Lone Peak is a good pick if you want to get one product for hiking and trail running.

The collar of the shoe around the ankle is low, as befitting sneaker. This allows for small rocks to get around the ankle (and get trapped in your socks depending on what you wear). It also means that the ankle is free to roll. Call this a pro or a con. If you want to strengthen your ankles – great this will help. If, on the other hand, you want some ankle support, the Lone Peak might not be the shoe for you.


Sole – All Altras feature a zero drop, meaning that the front and the back of the shoe are exactly even. Naturally, the Lone Peak is no different. Zero drop is a matter of preference. Those in favor, say that it supports a more natural gait and strengthens the foot. Others prefer a bit more balance and support under the foot. The Lone Peaks are a neutral shoe with limited stability control. This is perfect for anyone wanting something slightly more minimalist (the shoe’s sole clocks in at at around 22 mm) and “natural” feeling. The footbed features Altras more firm “mountain” insole with an optional plusher insole included in the box.


The Lone Peak is not hefty feeling underfoot, but it’s protective, sturdy, and holds up well over time. It’s thick enough to protect you from feeling rocks and branches, but you will have a good sense of the ground underneath your feet. These are not trail running shoes with a pillowy ride. Instead, they are a flexible shoe leaning towards minimalism.

The Lugs –  The lugs on the underside of the Lone Peak are good for moderate trail running and hiking. They will give you traction, but not the same traction as a more aggressive tread, like on an Icebug sneaker or heavy hiking boots. The Lone Peaks are, and always will be, sneakers. As such, they are light on the feet. They feel fantastic for a trail run and can handle an average hike. Your footing will feel secure on trails; however, three may be the occasional sliding since the lugs are on the small side, meaning the traction is less robust. On the flip side, this means running is a bit more comfortable, especially on well groomed trails. Road running in the Lone Peak is not recommended since the lugs do not have a good feel on the road.

Upper – The upper of the Lone Peak 1.5 is fairly standard of sneakers. It dries at an average rate and is flexible, breathable, and comfortable. It is untreated for water resistance and will not protect you from wet snow or intensive water. The gusseted tongue does a great job at keeping rocks out. The front of the shoe is protected meaning that you won’t have to worry about hurting your toes if you happen to trip over a branch on your run through the woods. The heel of the shoe comes up a bit high, meaning that you’re going to want to wear socks that come up past your ankles to avoid any chaffing when wearing these sneakers. The rear of the shoe includes a gaiter trap.


Altra Lone Peak 1.5 Usage

The Lone Peak 1.5 is the perfect shoe for all of the off-road training necessary to be successful at obstacle course racing. They are rugged enough for any weekend long hike or ruck on a well-groomed to moderately rugged trail. 99% of your hiking and trail running needs will be met by this shoe. They stay comfortable throughout the day.

Altra Lone Peak 1.5 Durability

The Lone Peak 1.5 is one ruddy shoe! It stands up to miles of trails and holds firm. After a year and a half of trail running and hiking, the shoes are holding up well. The tread is still effective and the upper is maintaining shape. It would be hard to overstate how well these shoes maintain over time. They are a sound investment.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent for people with wider feet
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Highly durable
  • Versatile for both trail running and hiking; ideal for training


  • Tread is not aggressive enough for the most challenge trails
  • Not water resistant or designed for drainage
  • The heel of the sneaker comes up high, which might irritate some users

Altra Lone Peak 1.5 Verdict

For anyone interested in a versatile training sneaker for trail running and hiking, the Altra Lone Peak 1.5 is a sound investment. They retail for anywhere from $60 to $115. (Note: This is because Altra has released a new model of Lone Peaks, the 2.5.) While good for training, these shoes are not designed to perform well when wet and have only a moderately aggressive tread and, thus, would not be ideal for race day. However, for comfort and durability, the Altra Lone Peak 1.5 is the way to go for trail running sneakers.


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