Reebok All Terrain Sprint vs Reebok All Terrain Super Comparison

I got my hands on a pair of each Reebok All Terrain shoe, Reebok All Terrain Sprint and Reebok All Terrain Super, to take apart and check out the differences between them. There was the initial try on which many readers will know led to some fitment issues with the shoes being on the narrow side.  But what I didn’t expect as much was there was real differences between each shoe besides just the name. Also it is worth point out from the start that I am still testing them so I can give them a complete review on usage for each.  This is my preliminary test and comparison with the shoes, each shoe will get it’s own complete review.


To get right into it the Spartan Sprints are narrow, to me and many other people.  But surprisingly it only takes 1/4″ difference between the forefoot insole width to make the Spartan Super shoes feel like they fit great.  To see the insole sizing look at this picture, the insoles are both from a size 9 shoe:


Another way to view them is when I photographed them on top of each other. With the Sprint on top I was able to highlight the areas that the Super was larger in red. The cut in general wasn’t the same styling and angles so you can see in the arch is appears the super is larger than it is, while still being larger in real life this photo makes it appear a bit more than it is.




This was a really interesting part of the shoe and one that I will definitely need to further test on the both of them. They are made to absorb very little water and to drain very fast.  The material is very synthetic and somewhat plastic like. What I found when running in them is that they felt a bit stiff and didn’t conform to my feet very well.  Maybe in another 50 miles or so that will change but for now they felt a bit more stiff than I would like.  I’m skeptical of how much they can truly mold to the feet and provide a more cloth like feel.

The upside to the materials and the design is as stated above, they are seemingly great at not absorbing water.  In my individual review for each shoe I will be weighing them wet and dry to let you know how much each of them weighs after hanging wet and after running for a minute wet. My guess is that since you can nearly see through them when holding them up to light that there won’t be much water weight added.

The only differences in materials with the shoes is that Supers have more padding, are heavier, and also have this semi thick plastic around the mid foot area. That center strip of plastic around the Supers is called a fit frame, and I can only find this from the reebok store “Seamlessly welded Fitframe upper helps lock the foot over the center of the platform.”  I’d have to speculate that when you tighten the laces it is providing slightly more support and uniform snug fit.  I couldn’t really tell the difference except for it feeling more stiff when the shoe bends.  The weight difference is not that large but noticeable at 226g for the Super and 200g for the Sprint.



The grip on both shoes is outstanding.  They both use very similar grip patterns with the super being slightly more aggressive with more and slightly smaller lugs, they have 56 compared to the sprint which has 47. This is the only key difference and it will be interesting to test over time which holds up better and which holds dirt better or worse.  I think it will take months of testing each shoe to get a definitive answer and this will be updated.  Off the bat however I will side with the Reebok Super being my preference since it is a tad more pointed and aggressive in the lug shapes.



Sprint on the left, Super on the right. (Shoe size difference is perceptual based on the photographs angle)


The special rope climbing grip did nothing for me when I climbed a few ropes but maybe your mileage will vary.  I have previously used good OCR/Trail shoes and I think just not having caked on mud is the improvement most people are noticing and attributing it to the minor grip added by Reebok in the mid foot arch area.

A particular thing I like about both of the shoes is moving more aggressive lugs to the outer edges.  It really lets you bite into areas of small grip on the course and on obstacles like the horizontal wall traverse.  This is a big improvement compared to many different companies shoes.


With both shoes you are sure to get a great Obstacle Racing shoe, incredibly similar too. The major deciding factor for me was the width of the sprint being a bit more narrow than I can handle. Besides the shoe width I would also go with the super because it has a bit more padding and more aggressive grip.

If you are looking for the best deal on purchasing either I suggest Amazon, at the time of writing both are cheaper than on Reebok:
Reebok All Terrain Sprint

Reebok All Terrain Super

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