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I first heard about the Qalo ring while listening to a new favorite podcast of mine called the No Meat Athlete. I’m not a no meat athlete but their podcast is really entertaining and has good info on running and related things. Back to the Qalo ring, in short it’s a silicone based ring that you can wear as a wedding band or in place of your wedding band while working out. This is a great ring for people living an active lifestyle that want to rock their wedding band no matter what – perfect for the dedicated OCR athlete.

Qalo Ring Features

Finger Safety – When you are wearing a standard metal wedding band your finger is at risk of being injured beyond what would normally happen during a hand/finger injury. Here are a few links talking about the dangers:


If you aren’t sure yet or don’t want to read those – you can lose your finger.

Also – watch this video about what happened to Jimmy Falon and his wedding band recently.

Material – The rings made by Qalo are made of medical grade silicone. This means the silicone is non-conductive and non-porous so it’s perfect for using in any conditions. I was even surprised that while cleaning car parts with pretty abrasive chemicals that it didn’t show any damage.

Pouch – The rings come with a nice little pouch that you can use to store you metal band or the Qalo band when using one or the other. It has a zipper on one side and is either made of mesh or neoprene depending on the band you receive. Also there is a little clip that you can use to attach it to things such as your key ring, a loop in your bag, or even your drawstring on the shorts you’re wearing.


Qalo Ring Usage

I went into this to see how durable and functional the Qalo ring could be for every day and all day usage but I found a cool potentially secondary usage. For people such as myself that don’t wear any jewelry, watches, necklaces, and so on, the idea of wearing a ring is a little tough and invasive feeling. The Qalo ring was a great set of training wheels to get me ready to wear a wedding band. It gets you used to the feeling of having something on your finger but it doesn’t get in the way or feel clunky like a normal wedding band does. That was really an interesting find for myself and maybe a potential new market – “Qalo Training Wheel Rings”.

On to the normal intended usage review – every day usage. I’m a photographer and a handy man, photos for a living and fixing things for fun. I use my hands to hold cameras, weld, woodwork, repair cars, shake hands, and a ton of other more normal things like washing my hair. Here are a few photos to show the various uses –



qalo ring


When working out the ring worked great as expected. This is something that I think is the obvious part since they have professional athletes using them and are thrilled with them. For obstacle course races they also really excel because it’s almost like you aren’t wearing a ring at all. It just conforms to your finger and bends around like it isn’t even there. There isn’t that adjustment you make when you grab something heavy and it crushes your ring into your finger, just grab a log and go.

Qalo Ring Durability

When I had it covered in transmission fluid, acetone, and, other things that I shouldn’t have gotten on my bare hands, it didn’t fall apart. I reached into tight spaces under my cars hood that left my hands scratched and cut without a problem (for the ring). The only problem I had was that I would push my hands just a little further to test the ring and sometimes it, and myself, got caught on things.

Pros and Cons


  • Can save your finger from a gruesome accident
  • Affordable enough to buy different colors to match outfits
  • Doesn’t get in the way while exercising


  • No silver and gold color yet
  • Keeping track of two wedding bands instead of one
  • $19.99 is a bit higher than similar rings – 1, 2, 3

Qalo Ring Verdict

I would suggest you go with a brand like Qalo Ring because of their great customer support, variety, quality, support for various causes, and most importantly style. Often when I see a product like this that is re-inventing the wheel in a way I think why, but this one really is great. If you want to wear this as your permanent ring ask your spouse first, they might have other ideas, but either way you can rep the marriage while working out with one of these instead.

Also when you use this link you get $5 off your order. So that’s pretty cool.




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