How To Change the Watch Band on Garmin Forerunner 10 and 15

Recently I managed to tear up the watch band on my Garmin Forerunner 15 while doing some car work after a run. When I went inside I realized that just taping it together wouldn’t work and that it wasn’t a standard watch band. So I headed online to look up new watch bands for my ol’ faithful forerunner.

It turns out there is a wide variety of sellers on eBay and Amazon with exact replacements for about $10-$20. Here is the one I went with – Garmin Replacement Band For Forerunner 10 – Large. You will noticed that this is for the Garmin Forerunner 10, but this is the exact same watch band that the 15 uses as long as you get the large. On to the step by step instructions!

**PRO TIP: Make sure you choose the correct band size for your forerunner 10 or 15, there is large and small, this is about the width of the watch and not the length of the band. **


1. Unpack the Kit that Came from Amazon (or eBay)


2. Use the provided tool as shown to poke the metal rod that holds the band on. If it feels like it gets stuck once you’ve poked as far as you can reach, use pliers to grab the part that is sticking out.




3. Now line up the new band with your watch and slide the old pin in. If it gets stuck mid way use the back of the pointy tool instead of your finger to push it all the way in. The thick part in the middle is what keeps the pin from sliding out and can be a little tough sometimes.



4. Repeat for the other side. And BAM, you watch is as good as new. Go for a run.


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