Fleo Shorts Review


Guys, unless you are shopping for shorts for your gal, you can stop reading now.  I’m pretty sure this review is only going to interest the lifting and OCR chicks.

Im taking a risk here to talk about the infamous and indispensable phenomena known as the “Booty Short.” Also known as the butt short, the short short, the lifting girl short, also known as “Becky your butt is so big in those shorts” shorts. Also known as the bests short to wear to squat and/or Crossfit workouts.

We’ve certainly come along way since Dolphin shorts. Hey there, if you’re too young to know what those are, google it and laugh at yet another terrible eighties trend.

I have worn a lot of different booty shorts because I squat a lot. I’ve found that they are the best functioning short to wear when performing heavy lifts and doing a lot of HIIT. That is because you can comfortably wear knee sleeves and stay relatively cool. Plus wearing shorts is simply easier when you’re doing these movements. Bonus – if you’re working on building muscle, it can encourage you to build your butt to really live up to the booty short’s reputation.

Fleo Shorts Features

High Rise Original (Blue and White Print)  High rise with a 2.5″ inseam and 4″ wide waistband.

Original (Green and Blue) These are mid rise and 2.5″ inseam. They are very short. No tummy support and show a lot of skin.

Power High Rise (Hawaiian Print) High rise and 4″ inseam 4″ wide waistband- total coverage and good tummy support.


Fleo Shorts Usage

I wear these shorts on leg days to perform heavy squats and dead lifts, and lots of accessory exercises.

They don’t ride up, the high waisted ones have been my favorite because the leg bands are tight and they don’t move when I’m in the hole. I like to mid rise style for cardio. I like both styles because they are not see through when I’m squatting, or jumping, or doing anything that has me bending down like deadlifts, etc .

I have bought a few brands that say they are squat proof and seriously they are not. I have suffered the embarrassment of going back and looking at video of my butt peaking though fabric. Not fun! I love Fleo because they are thick fabric, NOT see through at all, very soft and comfortable, and they are really cute. They have twenty patterns to choose from. Anything from simple and plain to adorable and bold.

Fleo Shorts Durability

Very durable short, Just hang dry for sure.

Fleo Shorts Pros and Cons


  • The patterns and colors to choose from
  • Squat proof
  • Perfect length
  • Stay tight and don’t ride up
  • Super comfy
  • Flattering and hold you in the right places
  • and this, you can add more likes by hitting enter


  • High price point
  • Not as many patterns available in the higher waisted/longer ones, which I personally prefer.

Similar Products

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Fleo Shorts Conclusion

I definitely recommend buying these shorts. I think in the case of the booty short the phrase “Buy cheap, buy twice” does apply. These shorts are still in great shape after washing them often and the designs are adorable. Most importantly they don’t ride up or show your butt in the way you totally absolutely don’t want them to. They are squat proof!

Stacie Davis

Stacie Davis lives in Atlanta with her husband Matt and their 3 children . Her husband occasionally drags her to an OCR. In the last 3 years, she has transformed herself from "Treadmill Mom" to bodybuilder. She probably squats more than your mom.

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