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When I was asked if I would like to test the new product FitVine, I thought – Free Wine, why not? I like wine, I like to drink and they say it’s healthy, so I gave it a gulp and here’s my two cents:

First let me preface by admitting that I am not a wine snob. I don’t know all the precise ways to describe fine wines, but I do know that too much two buck chuck will give you a headache. (Two buck chuck is Trader Joe’s cheapest wine!) I worked in restaurants and know how to sell wine to a table, so I can look at it and compare it to things that I’ve tried in the past. For the record, I like red wines and my preference is Pinot Noir because it isn’t overpowering or acidy.

Now lets talk about FitVine, and what I like about it. Their goal was to make a wine for athletes that increases the antioxidant properties and reduce calories. They claim to have 10x higher amounts of reservatrol than the average wine. They also increase polyphenols and proanthocyanidins which are other beneficial antioxidants found in wine. The makers of FitVine gave me some some additional details about the process, showing that they are also concerned with making a good tasting product. They focus on sugar level, pH balance and even put it through a malolactic, secondary fermentation, to lower PH and keep the bugs out. They explained that their wines are cold stabilized, chilled, to drop out impurities prior to filtration and they filter with both diatomaceous earth and micron pads.


They currently have two choices, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. I tried both on two separate occasions. The first time was to get the taste, the second was to check the headache factor. The first night I started with a glass of chardonnay. It appeared to be light bodied and had a medium, mineral smell. I’m not sure how to describe the flavor except to say it wasn’t overpowering. It was soft, dry, and had an earthiness about it. There was no aftertaste, which is good, but it didn’t seem to stand out in any way. The second glass that night was the Cabernet, which I was looking forward to since I enjoy reds. It was medium bodied, with a light toasty smell. It had a dry, fleshy flavor that did not overpower and no changing aftertaste. I can’t say that they were amazing, but I won’t say they were bad. I will have them again.


The second experiment was to see how large quantities of this wine would make me feel the next day. That night I finished both bottles and was feeling groovy! The next day I was very pleasantly surprised not to have a headache! There was a little dry mouth, but nothing serious, this wine is safe to drink!

In conclusion, if you are a wine snob and know many strange words to describe wines, then you should try this product and see for yourself. If you are an athlete and are looking for a decent tasting alternative with less calories (Cabernet Sauvignon – 5oz glass, 95 calories & 12.55g carbohydrates, Chardonnay – 5oz glass, 90 calories & 5.9g carbohydrates) this could work for you! And if you are drinking wine for the antioxidants, then you will definitely need to switch to this one!

The wine is currently sold online at

*Photos By: FitVine Wine

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        1. Kristen, what city/state did the Whole Foods have them in? I’m in Nebraska, hope you are too. Thanks!

  1. I enjoy the wines. I’ve tasted both the Chardinay and the Savonnblac. both are pretty good. Haven’t had a chance to taste the Cabernet. It’s been sold out. I found this wine in Naples florida wine store. they don’t carry it yet in northern Florida. Hope they start carrying itin upper Westchester county,New York.

    1. Hi, just curious what your comment was referring to. I have only found a few low/no sugar wines that are fab but to actually feel the difference and consume 1g of sugar per bottle as opposed to the norm which is around 300g, I’m in! It’s not fab but what is fir $14.99 anyway? Have a vodka soda first and be soooooo low carb for the day, I’m a believer. Perhaps you have no weight to lose or like to drink enough that you might have some negative side effects without these great sugar-free options?

  2. Terrible wine for anyone was even a marginally developed palette. I hoped it would be great and bought a mixed case of it: cab, pinot noir, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc. It was all dreadful.

  3. Yes, it’s sold at Shop Rite Liquor in New Jersey. Had the Cabernet the other nite! VERY GOOD!!!

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