Fitbit Surge Unboxing

This is our first unboxing article on ORM and what better way to start than with an elaborate device in a simple box. Introducing the Fitbit Surge.


The Box had a nice smooth texture to it and a magnet that secured the top flap closed.


Once the flap was folded back it had some clever motivational phrases that they used to tie in some teasers to what the product can do. Those phrases allude to – Buzz Alarm Clock, Sleep Tracking, Phone Notifications Buzz, GPS Tracking, and Elevation Tracking.


After you remove the tape that secures the plastic top on, the lid just comes right off and the watch pulls out with it’s holder.


Not much to the packaging after the watch is out.


The little cardboard container below the watch had the unique USB cable and the USB bluetooth dongle that will sync your Fitbit Surge wirelessly.


Glamour Shot 


Blue Steel Pose

Also check out the freshly published in-depth review here.

Or head over to Amazon to unbox one of your own.

Did you like the photos of the Fitbit Surge unboxing, would you rather have video? Let us know your thoughts.


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  1. Hello Dario, Good morning.

    On the Fitbit review, as a possible customer I would be interested in getting to know functionality (what is a must have for certain athletes, what is a nice to have and what is not delivering), battery life, pro’s and con’s and maybe even a comparison of sorts of the functionalities with competitors products.

    Price is nice to know, but a first hand experience from the a trial, even though it may be a very personal opinion, would be beneficial … how it feels, how it behaves while running, kayaking, whatever activity is related to.

    Thank so much and we look forward for more reviews!

    1. Hey Mariano,

      I’ve got all of that included in my review. I’ll make sure to finish it up later today and send you an email when it’s live. Thanks for reading!

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