Breast Foot Forward; Optimizing Performance with the Right Gear


According to the National Runner Survey, female runners compromise an astounding 63% of all running event participants surveyed in 2017. The average miles per week reported were reported 21 miles. With over 6,000 participants surveyed, that translates as thousands of boobs bouncing, slamming, sweating, and sloshing during training and events. And while there is no shortage of marketing campaigns surrounding gear for female runners and gym-goers alike, the modern day sports bra has changed dramatically since the Jockbra of 1977. Gone are the days of two jockstraps sewn together in an attempt to hold the girls up.  Despite the fact that modern sports bras are seen as an adornment, the sports bra has become an essential piece of gear for optimized performance and not just for busty girls either! You spend good money on the perfect pair of shoes to protect your feet and ensure optimal performance, so why would you skimp on a sports bra that protects an equally important asset?



Regardless of your chest size, gravity is working during exercise and I hate to break it to you, but it is NOT in your favor girl. Supporting your chest is crucial to not only performing the exercise correctly and as efficient as possible but also to allow you to focus solely on the exercise without having to worry about being uncomfortable up top. Whether you are performing high impact or low impact exercises, finding the right support is crucial. If you are busty up top and are performing higher impact exercises such as running or jumping, you may need to find a sports bra that provides a bit of compression to keep the girls in place. If you are reading this and think you don’t need to worry because you have a smaller chest, hold that thought! Before you reach for any old sports bra, think about your nipples! Running with a poorly designed sports bra can cause nipple chaffing. Ouch! Some women also experience chaffing from the bottom of their sports bras when they aren’t designed properly. Bottom line is no amount of chaffing cream before a race or event will outperform a quality sports bra, such as those made by Knix. So make sure you choose a sports bra that fits properly that provides support with performance-enhancing material. Your boobs will thank you!

Jennifer Wade

Jen Wade is a former competitive bikini athlete and bodybuilding judge who hung up the bikini in pursuit of functional fitness. She is a certified personal trainer and fitness coach.
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