Blender Bottle GoStak Review


If you have ever flown to a race with ZipLock baggies filled with protein powder, you know what goes through your mind – how many times can I do this before a TSA agent thinks this is a baggie full of drugs and I end up in the body cavity search room? Or maybe you use a lot of supplements and need to transport them for a trip to the gym later in the day? Either way, these intended uses are only the second or third best reasons to buy the Blender Bottle GoStak system – because it’s awesome for obstacle races!

I originally bought the GoStak just to help organize some protein powder when flying to Spartan Races – this was the old days when you couldn’t count on a CorePower drink at the finish line. Once it arrived, however, I realized that I had stumbled upon the perfect solution for carrying salt tabs in an obstacle race. The GoStak system comes packaged in a starter kit and also in small sets of each size of 40, 60, 100, or 150 milliliters. To give you an idea of these sizes, the large jar is big enough for 2 heaping scoops of protein powder. The starter pack comes with one jar of each size and – most importantly – a little white handle that acts as both a grab handle and a lid opener. Any size jar stacks with any other size jar, so you can make a stack of any combination of jars you please.


The jars are liquid tight and relatively crushproof. I wouldn’t take a hammer to them, but they are plenty rugged to stand up to the rigors of an obstacle race in my experience. The white handle on top makes it easy to snug down your lids to make sure they are liquid tight and makes it easy to open the jars up with muddy or wet hands. The handle quickly attaches to the top of any jar, so it’s quick and easy to open any one of your jars while out on the trails.


The diameter of the jars is just the right size to stash in most hydration packs. I keep mine in one of my front water bottle pockets for easy access, but have also had success with it stuck in a side pocket where it was easy to reach. I use a 40ml on top for salt tabs, a second 40ml in the middle for Aleve and Tylenol, and a third jar on bottom for hydration tablets (Nuun, Elixir, etc). The pills can tend to rattle around a little bit when you are running, so I would recommend sticking some cotton balls in each jar so you don’t sound like a human baby rattle when running. It gets annoying on longer races.

The GoStak retails for $13. If you are doing events in excess of 2 or 3 hours, I think it’s an obvious purchase, especially if you have a history of issues with cramping or dehydration. I doubt the people at Blender Bottle ever considered using the GoStak for obstacle racing, but in my mind it’s an ideal accessory.

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