World’s Toughest Mudder Periscope Replays!

Oh, The miracles of technology. As you already know, our crack team was on the ground all weekend capturing the action at the 2015 World’s Toughest Mudder.

Thanks to Periscope, we were able to bring you live highlights as we never could before.

They were all saved to this awesome site called and now you can enjoy them all again. Forever.

How about for starters, we go straight for the jugular with the Champions Brunch Sneak Peak Video that TM put together!?!?!

TMHQ Video
Now that you have calmed down, how about another gem like our little chat with Amelia after she got her big check?

WTM Amelia

Continuing our way backwards in time, how about when The Cliff opened?

The Cliff

But, really, who are we kidding, the TRUE star of our Periscopes this weekend was MudCrusherWTM                                                              Haruko aka The Mud Crusher

Here’s a classic example of Haruko doing what she did so well, showing the folks at home “Operation”.



Our entire Periscope world can be found here. In her excitement, Haruko forgot to title many of them, so think of it like a little treasure hunt. They are in order by time (most recent ones are at the top of the page), so that’s a good start.



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