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tough mudder alula infinity

****November 27, 2023 Update – More news including payouts – Click here!

UPDATE – You can now register for this event at this link.

This morning, Tough Mudder Arabia announced an 8-hour event called Infinity, scheduled for February 24, 2024. This race is expected to feature a substantial prize pool, potentially making it one of the most significant in obstacle racing history.

The last time Tough Mudder offered a figure over $100,000 was back in 2016 when TMHQ added $100K to the prize pool for any team of 2 that could reach 100 miles. To be clear, the prize pool for this event is NOT based on a specific performance. These are guaranteed amounts based on placement.

Significant prize money will be going to: The top 10 men and women, the top 3 two-person teams, and the top 3 four-person teams. Plus 1st place in every age group in 5-year increments for men and women.

We can not reveal the prize money at this time but will alert you as soon as it is available.

Ticket prices for the race will include on-site camping, meals, and some other benefits.

There are multiple levels of accommodations that you can purchase, learn about those here.

Several in the community have concerns about traveling to a new part of the world. Here are answers that we have found so far:

1. Are unmarried and LGBT couples welcome?
All visitors are welcome to Saudi Arabia and will not be asked to disclose their personal information.

2 What is the dress code?
a) At the race site : You can wear what you normally wear to an obstacle race. Here is a link we found on Tough Mudder Arabia Instagram which shows one of their apparel sponsors. It shows athletes in what we would consider “normal race attire”.
b) For the rest of the country: Dress code depends on the individual establishments. Some are casual and some require more sophisticated dress. Women do not need to wear a head cover or an abaya. Places of worship do require you to dress modestly while visiting.

3. How will race be monitored to ensure fair results?
There will be judges on every obstacle to ensure that every athlete completes the obstacle or incurs a penalty or a DQ. There will be a video recording Throughout the course to record all activity in the case of a dispute. There will be multiple checkpoints out on the course to ensure it is not possible to cut any corner.

4. What is against the law in Saudi Arabia?
Alcohol, gambling, nudity, pork, and disrespecting the culture are all forbidden in Saudi Arabia as per the law.

UPDATE – You can now register for this event at this link.

Answers to more questions can be found at the Frequently Asked Questions Link.

Rules for Tough Mudder Infinity –

****November 27, 2023 Update – More news including payouts – Click here!

Editor’s Note – ORM has entered into a collaboration with Tough Mudder Arabia and its production company, CAB Sports. This partnership encompasses several key areas of support, including athlete recruitment, ticket sales, marketing efforts, and advisory services related to the overall race production.

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