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OCR Multiple Laps

Recently, ORM blogged about the Battlefrog BFX24 event- a 24 hour version of the Battlefrog Xtreme event that proved so popular in 2015.

It looks like a cool event.

I took a little bit of exception to a single line in the article – and called Matt on it. He asked me to write this little blog post. So, here we are.

“we often hear rumblings about this concept from other races, BattleFrog are the only ones pulling it off on a regular basis.”

Here’s why this bugged me enough to say something.

In New England, FIT Challenge has been doing the multi-lap concept since 2014. Sure, they aren’t quite at Battlefrog volume, but Shale Hill has been doing multi-laps at their 8h Polar Bear Challenge since 2013.  Also at their 24 hours of Shale Hell event since 2014.


We’ve also been promoting, encouraging and facilitating multiple laps in the 2015 #racelocal Grand Prix since the beginning of the year – and since January, you’ve been able to run multiple laps at:

Multiple Shale Hill events, Blizzard Blast, Wason Pond Pounder, both Gauntlet Series events, both BoldrDash events, Bonefrog Challenge, Zombie Charge, Samurai Sprint, the fall Tuff Scramblers, and more.

And I don’t mean “fun laps”, where you just bandit the course again – fully paid, timed (when applicable), insured and Race Director blessed laps. 156 of them between 50 people at the last FIT Challenge.

In fact, during the 2015 #racelocal Grand Prix, we had over a dozen members of our “Century Club” – individuals who covered over 100 miles on nothing but locally owned and operated obstacle course races.


BFX is a great event – we’re fortunate enough to have plenty of options like it if you branch out a little.

24 Hours of Shale Hell


BFX24 also sounds like it’ll be an awesome event for the right athlete – I hope those same athletes consider hitting up the 24h of Shale Hell for a totally different, grass roots kind of 24 hour obstacle course challenge.

OCR is a huge market. We’re so lucky to have all these events, run by excellent race directors who are all trying to push the envelope.

Paul Jones

Paul Jones is the Idea Wrangler over at the New England Spahtens and has been a contributor for ORM since it's inception. The NE Spahtens are one of the most active, and successful obstacle racing communities in the world.

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