Qualifying For The Hyrox Championship

Hyrox Qualify

Your whole year has revolved around qualifying for the Championships. You have prepared for months, and you are ready. Only the top five will qualify, and you know you have a decent shot.

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You get to the start line. You look around at your competition. Your stomach drops as you see the top five racers in the world are standing right there beside you. You know what this means for your chances. You try anyway. You run your best race, and you put up a killer result. You were faster than you had hoped. In spite of all the amazing work you put in, it wasn’t enough to secure your spot at the Championship. Now you’re kicking yourself because you could have hit a different race last month and this same performance would have snagged you a spot easy. But no, you went to your damn cousin’s wedding, and you don’t even like that guy.

This scenario can happen at any event, but why? Why should an amazing performance at a Qualifier not be rewarded the same because you chose one venue over another?

Looks as if Hyrox Headquarters has come to the same conclusion. For the race in Orlando, they have made time standards to qualify for a spot at their U.S. Championship in Chicago later this year. As long as you make these time caps, you are off to the windy city to compete with the toughest Hyrox competition in North America. This applies to the pros, teams, and age group athletes. So check out what time you need in order to qualify, pick your target, train your ass off, and we will see you in Chicago.

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This video will explain it as well.


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