Hyrox Dallas 2021 – What You Need To Know

hyrox invitational wall balls

Pro & Open Waves

The event will take place Feb 20, 2021 in Dallas, Texas. As with every Hyrox event, there are pro waves of competition. At the end of the pro waves, the athletes with the fastest times are rewarded. The heats are limited, so someone going in the second wave may finish faster than someone in the first wave and be ahead on the leaderboard.

The top 3 men and women are awarded cash prizes. The payouts for the pro wave are typically $1500/$1000/$500.

For this event, since there will be additional money allotted for the Invitational Wave, the pro prizes will be lowered to $1000/$500/$250.

There are also age group awards, but just like Spartan or Savage, you get the podium pic, but no cash. Same goes for doubles or mixed doubles categories.

In addition, there are open waves all day with scaled weights. No prizes or podiums for open waves.

Hyrox Open Wave

The Invitational

For this first event of the year, Hyrox want to bring out some hand picked talent and showcase some of the best in the world . This invitational wave will be hand picked by Hyrox HQ with input from current champs Lauren Weeks and Hunter McIntyre.

The payouts for the Invitational are $10,000 for first, $3,000 for 2nd and $2,000 for third.

Hunter World Record

The Athletes

The men and women confirmed are below, we will update more athletes as soon as they are locked in.


Hyrox Invitational Row

Hunter McIntyre

Grant McCartney

Elijah Muhammed

Eric Hinman

Ryan Atkins

Isaiah Vidal

Robert Killian

Lukas Storath




Lauren Weeks – Reigning Champ

Kristi Eramo

Corinna Coffin

Faith Cooke

Imke Salander

Brooke Bowen

Faye Stenning

Alyssa Hawley

Viola Oberländer

Sarah Harrison

Ehea Schuerch

Lindsay Webster


What if I wasn’t invited but think I can win/podium?

Sign up for the pro wave. Kick some ass, win pro wave prizes. Maybe you get invited to the next one?

For example, former Spartan Pro, David Magida, signed up and told us the following:

I think what people are forgetting is that it doesn’t matter if you’re an elite runner or cross fitter.  Because this is neither of those things.  This is a very particular event that suits a very particular type of athlete.  Just like in track.  There are events for sprinters and events for distance runners. And this particular event suits me perfectly. I’m 190 lbs.  I love to move weight. Strength doesn’t phase me.  I just ran a 53 minute 10 miler. I’m in the best shape of my life right now. and I’m going to shock a lot of people.

Is the $5,000 World Record bounty up for grabs this time?


Can I come and watch without competing.


Will they be using TrueForm running machines as we saw in Germany?

No, this will be 1k laps of running between each station.

Video Interview With Hunter



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