BattleFrog Series Championship 2015 – Mark Your Calendars!

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While October is packed full of OCR Championship races, we can thank the good folks at BattleFrog for extending the 2015 Championship Season into December…December 12, 2015, to be exact.  The BattleFrog Series Championship 2015 is scheduled for competition in Orlando, Florida – a great location and fantastic way to wrap up 2015!

The company’s CEO Ramiro Ortiz said: “The BattleFrog Series Championship will cap off a most exciting year that saw fifteen races and the launch of our popular television show, ‘The BattleFrog College Championship’ on ESPN. We are pleased to showcase our home state and to welcome top athletes from our Points Series and around the world. This exciting race will end the year on a high note and set the tone for BattleFrog’s 44-race expansion in 2016, including our launch in the U.S. West Coast and Canada.”

There’s $60,000 up for the taking!  First place male and female in the Elite Division will win $10,000…and cash prizes are paid to the top 10 male and female Elite Division finishers.  In the Master’s Division, first place male and female will take home $2,500, with additional prizes for the top 3 Master’s Division finishers.

December 12, 2015, will surely be a fantastic day of racing at Rock Springs Run State Reserve – the site for this year’s BattleFrog Championship showdown, and the swamps and natural terrain (the venue has miles of shoreline) of Florida will surely play into the equation.  ORM will be providing full coverage of the event via social media from the ground and on the course.

If you haven’t qualified for the BattleFrog Championship yet, you have three more chances to qualify at a BattleFrog event before the big day – USE CODE BATTLEORM for 40% OFF:
Austin, TX – October 3, 2015
Atlanta, GA – November 7, 2015
Miami, FL – November 21, 2015


  1. Place top 10 in your division (Elite male 16+, Elite female 16+, Masters male 40+, or Masters Female 40+) at any regular season BattleFrog Series event (all events thru the Nov 21 Miami BattleFrog).
  2. Be ranked in the top 50 in the BattleFrog Series Cup Standings in your division on any of the following dates:
    • 4/28/15
    • 7/28/1
    • 11/24/15
    • If you want to confirm if you have qualified for the BattleFrog Championships, you can check the points standings HERE.
  3. Place top 3 (podium) in your division in ANY worldwide OCR event.

There are 250 spots reserved for elite men, 250 for elite women, and 250 for masters co-Ed (750 total).  These spots are provided on a first come, first served basis. Runners must submit proof of qualification via the Qualification Form on the championship event page on the BattleFrog Series website.

BattleFrog is known for its challenging courses and no fail format. There will be some unique obstacles at the Series Championship, but for now, mum’s the word.

Championship Rules will be published by November 1, 2015.

Race day will also include open heats and the coveted BFX challenge.

Contact: Michael McAllister


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