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Update:  The results are in!

It’s been another great year for OCR. Sure, there have been some hiccups along the way (PR Fail from Mud Factor?), but the sport and its surrounding industries have been coming together to keep us all climbing over logs, crawling under barbed wire, and running up and down mountains. And usually serving us beer afterwards.

Now it’s time to pick some winners and have your say. Let us know which are your top picks, and give us some predictions as well:

Best Multi Race Series (6 or more races)


Best Season Ending Race


Best "Mom and Pop" Race (3 races or fewer)


Best Swag


Best Event For Kids


How Many Races Did You Do in 2015?

Will you do more/less/same number of races in 2016?

Of the races you did in 2015, what percentage did you pay for, what percentage were "earned" as volunteer/blogger/barter.

Do you run first heat/elite or do you run for fun?

A question


Most Innovative Obstacle


Favorite Dude To Send You Off


Athlete You Would Most Like To Train With


Best Way To Train For An Obstacle Course Race

Time for a little daydreaming:


Which Event Is Your Number One Bucket List Item?


Race You Wish Would Come Back?

Time to predict the future:


Will Obstacle Course Racing make the Olympics?


Who Will Win the 2016 OCR World Championships for the men?


Who Will Win the 2016 OCR World Championships for the women?


What Trend Will We See More of in 2016


Did we miss any of your favorite nominees? Anything you wish we asked? Sound off in the comments of this post on our website. Polls open unti Dec 24 11:59pm

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Christopher Stephens

Christopher is an attorney, a middle-of-the-pack triathlete, a marathoner, an open water swimmer, and a recovering Jeopardy contestant. A native New Yorker, he trains in the rugged wilderness of Central Park and can sometimes be found swimming in the Hudson. He also bakes pies. Delicious pies.
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  1. I think Rugged Maniac has more than a few events. There, perhaps, should be a mid-size category for those that have more than a few, but don’t have them in every corner of the world. Believe ABF Mud Run is still going strong.

    1. At least some of these categories are unique and there’s the ability to add your own answers, unlike other polls.

  2. Everyone cries the zeal OLX aren’t allowed in OCR ..: RB9X are the majority … Why is ABF on the wish they come back? Why is CMC 😉 ? These results make me flaccid .. All the spartan junkie sheep

    1. I agree – all the Spartan sheep…BAH! BAH! History has unfortunately shown that people will follow he who speaks the loudest, not necessarily he who is best. Have you seen our government? LOL!

  3. How about teams? I would have liked to have wrote in a vote for Memorial Mudders. Small but meaningful group running “for those who can’t”. Check them out.

    1. Rick. Thanks for checking in. Voting for best team simply becomes everyone on that team voting for themselves. No one votes for a team that they are not on. We sort of see it like you holding a contest in our own house for “best family member”. (But send us a link to the team you are referring to, we will certainly check them out)

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