The 7-Step Plan to Financial Success in OCR

You know, sometimes it seems like everyone in this industry is or wants to be sponsored. And I don’t blame them. I’ve said it before, but there are racers who have made thousands just by showing up for races, and thousands more for podium performances. All it takes is a bit of hard work and a willingness to think outside of the lines.

Lets pretend that tomorrow I were to wake up with only one thing on my mind: to maximize my 2015 OCR earning potential, image be damned.

My Goal? To make $45,000 this year. Yes, that number might seem very high. But read on and you might end up being surprised at how attainable it actually is. Take out the sections pertaining to podium finishes, and this is a plan that anyone of any talent level can follow.

Check your moral code at the door. Down the rabbit’s hole we go…

Step 1: Find representation
Remember that buddy from school, Ricky? Sure, he was a pothead slacker, but he graduated top of his class with a business degree, didn’t he? Well Ricky’s probably utilizing that degree in the sporting goods section of your local Target. Or maybe he’s selling Kirbys to lonely senior citizens. No one likes selling Kirbys.


You know what would go nicely with this ‘vette? A Kirby

 Call him up and tell him you have an incredible opportunity for him.

You won’t be paying him, but if he works hard and things go well he’ll have the opportunity to become the “go-to” agent in a hot new fitness industry currently ripe for exploiting.

Tell Ricky to get a new Gmail account. Have Ricky make a fancy signature on the bottom of his emails, something along the lines of “Ricky Flynn, Professional Athlete Representative.”

Type out your resume. Include a letter discussing your social media draw, your clout in the industry, and your numerous top 8% left-handed, blue-eyed, born in May of ’89 age group finishes. Anticipate and attempt to answer the company’s questions for them.

What do you bring to the table? What makes you unique? What is your current social media reach? What will we receive in return?

Step 2: Get active on social media

1. Post smart, humorous statuses daily. Engage people on their walls and they’ll follow suit on yours. Try to get in touch with 20 new people per day, even if it’s just a “like” on an Instagram photo. Friend request EVERYONE on Facebook. Shoot them a personal message when they accept, saying “Hello, I remember you from this race, ARoo, yada yada.” Follow thousands of people on Instagram. Get involved with every obstacle related Facebook group. Post overly dramatic stories about how you’ve changed thanks to this sport. Make every day a Transformation Tuesday.

Purchase Instagram followers from or buzzoid.

Buzzoid   Buy Instagram Followers from  2.9667 onlyBuzzoid’s new packages make deceiving your sponsors easier than ever!

Only $70 for 10,000 unique followers. That’s insane. People will see those numbers and think that you must be special and worth following. After all, 10,000 people can’t be wrong. With just a click of the mouse you’ve made yourself a hot commodity in the OCR community.

Wade into the internet cesspools; places you’ll leave feeling like you need to take a scalding-hot shower to remove the filth from you. Places like “Spartan Singles.” Zinger! Post selfie after shameless selfie.

Become a smart, unbiased, well-liked poster in all groups.

2. Create fake profiles. Then repeat step 2, part 1.

Step 3: Find sponsors

Make a list of 100 potential sponsors. Include but don’t limit yourself to OCR brands. Everyone in the community has a product, and they could all use some limelight. Think about products with low initial cost and high markups.

These companies should in theory be able to dedicate more of their budget to their athletes. This means more product, and potentially more $ in your pocket.

Don’t forget your local companies. Shoe companies, lumber stores, casinos, adult entertainment stores, etc (remember we threw integrity to the wind long ago.)

If motivated, start your own product line. Give everyone you know discount and affiliate codes.

Have Ricky send out the aforementioned resume and cover letter to all 100 companies on your list. Many won’t respond. Show up at their doorstep if possible. It’s harder to say no in person, after all. Remember, Ricky used to trick people into buying $3,000 vacuum cleaners. He’s shameless. He’ll have no problem here. Keep sending emails.

Step 3: Negotiate Terms With Sponsors

Your goals are twofold, but both involve cash:

1. Appearance fees
2. Podium bonuses

Don’t be afraid to think small. Even a $50 podium fee from a company can earn you big money if 15 sponsors are on board.

Gear is good too. Who cares if you don’t like the company? Throw the goods up on eBay as soon as you receive them.

Same goes for race gear. Medals, finisher t-shirts, wood blocks, etc. Sell it all!

Step 4: Spread goodwill


Pretending to be receptive while some schmucks on the spartan cruise talk my ears off (courtesy of

Show up to races early and stay late. Always be visible. Walk the course and help people out. Have your sponsors in sight on your hat, your shorts, your sweatshirt, your backpack. Hand out free samples to anyone and everyone. Become an expert photo bomber. This may be tiring, but remember, the end goal is worth it.

Step 5: Race Often

Race every weekend so that you can collect those appearance fees. Cherry pick races that you can win.  Attempt to make 200/week from race fees. This is a very low number, and not at all important. Some weeks you won’t make any money. Other weeks you’ll earn a big purse. These will even out over time.

The real money comes from sponsor bonuses. Your goal is to make at minimum double your race winnings in bonuses. Once again, this is easily doable. In fact, it has been done. All of this has been done.

Step 6: Train Others

“You’re really fast. That must mean that you know more than me. Please tell me about your training plan.”

Never mind the fact that some top racers could compete off of nothing but an hour a day of shake weight work and still podium.


Start responding to Facebook messages from racers in need of training advice. Take them on as clients.

Do a weekly workout in a park. Make it free of charge. Make it impressively difficult. These are all potential clients. Begin to train them on the side. Push your sponsors on them.

Step 7: Step Back and Count Your Money

Alright, lets take a look at what we just accomplished.

Race winnings – 200/week

Appearance fees and podium bonuses – 500/week

Online coaching, local training – 150/week

Selling Sponsor and race gear online –

Affiliate sponsor programs –

Total: 45 grand. Boom.

Ricky? Word of mouth has spread and he’s currently the hottest agent on the block. He’s now taking a substantial cut from each of his athletes. He’ll never forget what you did for him, and always have your back.
Wallet Status? Engorged
Integrity? ……………. Silence, that’s weird. You were probably too busy counting your money and visiting cool places to remember to respond to that question.

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McCauley is a former Spartan Pro Team member, Spartan Stadium and Combine champion, and Men's Fitness 'Ultimate Athlete'.
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