Ruckus Fall 5k – Postponed!

It’s happened again.1005961_698146386881676_1579819343_n

Just one day after the closure of Run For Your Lives, another well known and well respected obstacle course race has taken the drastic step of canceling their event just 2 days before it was scheduled to run.

Ruckus has been around since the beginning – in 2010 they held a summer event alongside the first Spartan Race’s in New England, and it was well attended and well liked. Each year, they did a summer event that drew more and more people, and production values were better and better. Adding a fall event in 2012 looked to be a great move, and they expanded down the east coast.

This summer, I worked closely with a new hire to Ruckus for team relations, and helped start and was involved in their first ambassador program.

Then, the New England summer race happened. Their flagship event – and from most opinions, they blew it. The New England Spahtens wrote a critical featured review, and the CEO of Ruckus responded with a very well thought out, very nicely handled response.

We wanted to give them another chance, and started registering for their Fall 5k event. The New England Spahtens had over 60 people on the team.

Then, two days prior, was cancelled. Sorry – postponed.

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 12.42.36 PM


Boots on the ground have confirmed that obstacles were being built, they did have equipment onsite and had broken ground. Word is they were instructed to stop this morning – “plug has been pulled”.

Of course – what now.

Refunds aren’t being offered. There is no indication of another event in the pipes. The summer race in 2014 is no longer allowing registrations on their website – and the same holds for any of their upcoming races.

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 12.55.16 PM

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