Marjie, Mustard, Mayhem

Mustard Girl

Marjie Grace wanted to express her love of mustard and OCR through a fun photo. She did not plan on the social media kerfuffle that followed.

She then wrote the following on her Facebook page.

“So recently I posted this photo to West Coast Spartans (which was then posted on to Spartan's page until too many complaints) and pissed off some of the ladies and men to the point every photo of my mustard consumption was removed for being sexual.

I’m trying to figure out how girls can pose half naked in some pics tits and ass out duck face which I find super offensive ??? and it’s fine but oh no Marjie puts the mustard on the tongue and people can’t take a joke.

It started with me consuming mustard during races because it can alleviate cramping during a long run. Not to mention if I guy does it, it’s found all good but nope I went to far.. So what am I looking forward to Mustard Monday! ??? everyone needs to STFU!”

This had us asking ourselves some interesting questions.

Where is the line in photos between “fit” and  “provocative”?

Are pictures of athletes on FB and IG showing off their assets REALLY about their “progress” or is it chance for men and women to get attention by almost showing their naughty bits?

Is Marjie’s photo something you wouldn’t show your children?

Is mustard the new ketchup?


We would love to know your thoughts.

Matt B. Davis

is the host of the Obstacle Racing Media Podcast and the author of "Down and Dirty-The Essential Training Guide for Obstacle Races and Mud Runs". He is also the only (known) #wafflehouseelite obstacle racer.
    1. Bob! Thanks for following along. I know that we are submitting to SXSW in early November and hoping to premier in Austin next spring. We are almost done with the movie, finally!! but distribution is another beast. Please stay tuned. (This thing better be worth the wait, huh? ?)


  1. When I first saw the picture, it was humorous with all kinds of rifs coming to mind, “get your mustard on” or “he mustered out”. The fact that there was a pretty face was not the source of humor nor did it strike me as a play on sexuality. Being Spartan is about our minds and bodies. We do celebrate both and what we can achieve. We need strong women in all aspects, check out Jennifer Lawrence’s recent article on being nice, Go Mustard Girl!

  2. Dude, it’s a picture. With mustard. I mean, I guess I get why a couple people might be a bit too uptight and freak out over it, but she is eating mustard. She is a badass Spartan and a hell of a teammate to have on course, that should be what is important. Also, she really does run with a bottle of mustard so she caviar shoot it.

    As for this “too sexy” or “NSFW” claim … You can barely see her cleavage no naughty bits are showing and she was gifted with beautiful “bedroom” eyes that have people projecting their fantasies or fears onto a picture that was meant to be amusing.

  3. I honestly feel bad for Marjie… granted we dont all have the same pallet but just let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be…

  4. This is so stupid. It is a nice picture. For those who are offended, you need therapy and stay off the internet. It is only perversion in the minds of perverted people, which are the ones that complained about it. STFU! And I don’t mean the word Spartan on the S.

  5. This is a horrible representation on women in the OCR world. It should not be justified by being humorous. There are many other ways to get attention rather than sexual ly exploited yourself. Posing in a bikini while out with friends is recreational. Posing in a sports bra doing sports is recreational. Sucking on mustard bottle in a manner reflecting oral sex should be private a matter. Her sexual life with mustard should be kept to herself.

  6. I race with her and am on her team. She is phenomenal and hilarious.

    That being said, even this article here is rediculous, and I’ll be pinching myself before reading much hete anymore. How the hell someone can justify this as being overtly sexual is insane. It’s mustard, a pretty face and that’s it. If a man was doing this, would there be controversy?

    We are racers, we are Spartans, and frankly, if it a bit of mustard offends you to the point of asking if it is safe for your children to see, you might have more serious issues to discuss.

    Spartan Up.


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