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Cranky Bastard logo winner

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Cranky Bastard logo winner

First of all, choosing was incredibly difficult. I liked every single one of the logos, and quite honestly, the craziest, most maniacal ones were my absolute favorite. I agree that some looked more angry, than cranky, but I think that’s ok.

In the end, I went with the one I found to be the most unique logo design.

Other reasons I like this logo:

  1. There is really nothing else like it.
  2. As a pudgy racer, I’m much like the character.
  3. I like the “confusion” element of the icons around him.
  4. The distressed look, while sometimes played out, works here.
  5. There is a subtle feel of barbed wire to it, and I love barbed wire.

The Contest Winner

The winner of the comments contest was “Josh”. So, now “Josh” needs to respond to us using the same Hotmail email address he signed up with, and dude has a free race entry. Where ya at, kid?

I liked his response as it was obvious that he took the time to review the options, think it through, and respond. I’m a sucker for analytical people, plus he was kind of funny.

His comment read:

I would go with the stenciled guy gripping his fists. I like the font and that he looks pissed and irate and cranky at the same time.

1. The logos in the circles look like the little guy is taking a sh!t.
2. The other stenciled logo looks mischievous but not cranky.
3. The masked hero would be Fat Bastard, but he’s no Cranky Bastard
4. The dog and monkey logos are played out and childish
5. The panda one reminds me too much of Kung Fu Panda

Back to Being Cranky

Ok, enough with the niceties and love-stuff. I’ve got a boatload of Cranky content coming down the pipe, exploring all kinds of funny, interesting, and goofy elements of our OCR culture.

We are a “look at me” culture. That’s a simple fact. One look at OCR participant Facebook pages and Instagrams proves that, so keep an open mind, read with a light heart, and really, it’s ok to laugh at ourselves from time to time.

Congrats, Josh, hope you pick a really cool race to shred.

Cranky Bastard

…And I race obstacles.

No, I’m not a mud runner. I am an obstacle racer.

Yes, it matters; and yes, there is a difference.

I love the sport, love racing and love being part of this fast-growing community we call obstacle course racing, but I can’t help but pick out everyday examples that I find odd, inconsistent or contrary to the true vibe of the sport of OCR, as I see it.

Cranky Bastard articles are full of arrogance, elitest, prima donna attitude, but hopefully, plenty of points to make those in our community think, and perhaps drive change where change is needed.

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