2014 Cranky Bastard 5K Race Results

Results will be updated every couple of days until 11:59 p.m., December 31, 2014, at which time the race ends, and we will not accept any further submissions. Please submit all race times to Queen of ORM at [email protected]

5K Treadmill Race Results

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5K Outdoor Race Results

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Christian Griffith

Christian Griffith is one of the Co-Founders of ORM. He can also now be found working with GORUCK as the SVP, Marketing.

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  1. David Johnson says

    Dear Val
    I am having trouble emailing you my 20145 CB 5k run results, my comp symptom keeps kicking the email back in error. I will place them on the face book page if that is ok? My run was 5K on the treadmill, final time 27:48. Thank you, David Johnson

  2. Larry phillips says

    Hope to run in 2015 events too. Just ask anyone I’m a cranky bastard. Love the looks of the medal

  3. Timothy Moore says

    I don’t see my results yet…I emailed them in on the 31st in the morning.

  4. edward rivera says

    Can you please move my race results from outdoor to indoor? You have as number 85 outdoor race results.

    thank you

  5. Congrats everyone!

    BTW, my last name is spelled wrong. :/ It’s Coletti.

    But, yay, anyway!

    • Also, do you ever separate them by age/gender? Just curious 🙂

      • Christian Griffith says

        Hi Ashling: Since there are no prizes, we are not breaking runners into individual age groups or genders. We are simply recognizing the runners for there awesome performances.

        • Fair enought! Just would be cool to compare is all. 🙂 Thanks for responding so quicky though. You guys rock.

  6. I never got the chance to do my run. I’ve been too busy and we don’t do much running in crossfit because of the snow. Oh well. Bummer.

    • Christian Griffith says

      @Chuck – come on, get it done. You have until next year 🙂 we’ll still post your results – but we’re hanging on to that medal as collateral to GET IT DONME. I CF as well, so I know a 5K WOD is coming {wink}

  7. Nina deLuca says

    I didn’t win any of the races, but do I still get a metal? I haven’t received anything. Thanks!

    • Christian Griffith says

      @Nina – absolutely, and congrats on getting it done. All participants will receive the medal. Medals have already started shipping to racers who boh registered, AND submitted times.


      • still waiting for mine…cant wait.. did you guys shipped already?

        • Christian Griffith says

          Hi Mark – yes, shipping is under way. It’s a pretty large task mailing out individual medals, so please bear with us.

  8. David Kegg says

    Well done, everyone.

  9. so, i totally forgot to submit the times. can i still post them or am i screwed out of the medal and money?

    • Christian Griffith says

      Hi Amanda. Registration was the only “time limit.” Send in your times whenever you complete the race distance. Now worries. And of course, you will still get a medal.

  10. Scott Wright says

    I still haven’t received my medal.