Hyrox Dallas 2021 – What You Need To Know

hyrox invitational wall balls

Pro & Open Waves

The event will take place April 10, 2021 in Dallas, Texas. As with every Hyrox event, there are pro waves of competition. At the end of the pro waves, the athletes with the fastest times are rewarded. The heats are limited, so someone going in the second wave may finish faster than someone in the first wave and be ahead on the leaderboard.

The top 3 men and women are awarded cash prizes. The payouts for the pro wave are typically $1500/$1000/$500.

For this event, since there will be additional money allotted for the Invitational Wave, the pro prizes will be lowered to $1000/$500/$250.

There are also age group awards, but just like Spartan or Savage, you get the podium pic, but no cash. Same goes for doubles or mixed doubles categories.

In addition, there are open waves all day with scaled weights. No prizes or podiums for open waves.

Hyrox Open Wave

The Invitational

For this first event of the year, Hyrox want to bring out some hand picked talent and showcase some of the best in the world . This invitational wave will be hand picked by Hyrox HQ with input from current champs Lauren Weeks and Hunter McIntyre.

The payouts for the Invitational are $10,000 for first, $3,000 for 2nd and $2,000 for third.

Hunter World Record

The Athletes

The men and women confirmed are below, we will update more athletes as soon as they are locked in.


Hyrox Invitational Row

Hunter McIntyre

Where do we start? Hunter is a former Spartan Champ, a two-time Tough Mudder X Champion, was the holder of the fastest Deka Strong time, and of course, is still the man with the fastest Hyrox time in the world at 57:34. It appears as if Hunter was designed to be the best at Hyrox.

Grant McCartney

Grant has competed on the American Ninja Warrior television show for 5 seasons and his talent along with his winning personality has made him one of their most popular athletes. However, unlike most ninja warrior competitors, Grant is not a slight of build man who was designed to easily swing from bars. Grant is over 6 feet tall and roughly 205 pounds. He ranked 7th at the Spartan Games and has a half Ironman time of just over 5 hours. He held his own at Tough Mudder X against some of the fittest people in the world.

Elijah Muhammad

Anyone who has made it to the CrossFit games has instant credibility, and with a back squat of 475 and a dead lift over 550 pounds, strength will be no issue for him. Unlike a lot of CrossFit athletes, Elijah was a college basketball player for Tennessee Tech, and he has great speed and incredible athleticism. If you want proof, watch his performance at the 2015 CrossFit games.

Eric Hinman

Eric is a CrossFit athlete, so we know he has the strength for Hyrox. Let’s be honest though. Eric is a little on the small side to be a contender to win it all in the CrossFit world. So why would he have a chance against these beasts? Oh, did we forget to mention he has a 17-minute 5km time and is a multi-time Ironman championship competitor? You need a mix of strength, speed, and stamina to be successful in Hyrox. Eric has it all.

Robert Killian

It must be said that if you are an Army ranger, you are bad ass. If you win the Best Ranger Competition, you are next level bad ass. Add to that being a 2nd place finisher and member of the 100-Mile Club at World’s Tougher Mudder along with being a 2-time Spartan World Champion. Well then, you are bad ass at the Robert Killian level.

Lukas Storath

Lukas is Mr. Hyrox. In 2019, Lukas was the Hyrox World Champion and holder of the fastest Hyrox finishing time (58:39), as well as 2nd place in the original Hyrox VCF. In 2020, he came in 2nd place in the Elite 12 Championship. Lukas will be hungry to take back his spot as top dog in the Hyrox world.

David Magida

David has 30 Spartan podiums to his credit, can run a sub 16-minute 5km, a 10km in the low 30-minute range. He was also 11th in the Hyrox VCF, and if not for some issues with the 3rd workout, he would have been a contender for the top spot. More importantly, David wants this win. He did everything possible to get invited to this event.

Matt Kempson

Matt has been around the OCR world for a long time, and it is common knowledge that if it is a hybrid event where one needs massive strength as well as speed, then Matt will be a contender. With an 8th overall finish at Tough Mudder X and having already set a Hyrox time of 1:07:56, he can never be counted out.

Alexander Roncevic

A swim instructor from Vienna would seem like an unlikely contender but take a look at Alexander, and you will see this is no ordinary swim coach. With a Hyrox time of 1:02:29 and a 4th place finish at the latest Hyrox VCF where he caused quite a stir with a submitted 3200m time of 8:25, he has shown that he is ready to compete against the best.

Invited to initial date, out since new April date announced.

Ryan Atkins 

Isaiah Vidal



Lauren Weeks

Lauren’s 2020 was better than yours! She won the Hyrox Elite 12, the Hyrox at Home Championship, and the Hyrox VCF. She also won the OCR Stars Virtual event. She placed 3rd at the Spartan Games. Every time you looked up, Lauren was doing something epic. She is already off to a good start in 2021 with another Hyrox VCF win.

Alyssa Hawley

If you follow Obstacle Course Racing, then you already know the name Alyssa Hawley. She has been a force on the Spartan scene for years with top 5 placements in the US National Series for 2017 and 2018 and also 4th place in 2016 and 3rd place in 2017 at Spartan’s World Championships held in Tahoe. Alyssa had a bit of a sub par performance at the latest Hyrox VCF, but her showing at Hyrox Chicago in 2020 where she bested Lauren Weeks by 14 seconds with an impressive 1:10:30 shows she has what it takes to win this event.

Corinna Coffin

With CrossFit accolades, dozens of Spartan podiums, a 2nd place finish at the Spartan Games, and placing 2nd and then 1st at Tough Mudder X Championships, it seemed Corinna and Hyrox were a match made in heaven. Sadly, due to some struggles with the sled push, the relationship got off to a rocky start. Even with a respectable finishing time of 1:18:27, all that is remembered is the 8 minutes and 56 seconds she spent pushing that sled. Rest assured, she is hungry for redemption.

Viola Oberlander

Viola is a Hyrox specialist. She has the 5th fastest time for women, came 2nd to Lauren in the 2020 Elite 12, and 4th in the most recent Hyrox VCF. Viola has beaten the all time Hyrox women’s record holder Sarah Kholti when they went head-to-head at Hyrox Karlsruhe. Viola is a threat no matter who is on the course.

Faith Cooke

Did someone mention that Hyrox requires power? Well Faith is our girl! She has a top 5 Deka Strong time of 14:13, just seconds behind Lauren and Corrina. She won over all our hearts at the Spartan Games where she placed 6th. We watched in awe as she completely dominated the wrestling and Highland games events and went toe-to-toe with Lauren, Corrina, and CrossFit legend Sam Briggs in all the other strength-based events.

Brooke Bowen

Brooke is representing us in the over 40 crowd. As a Spartan age group Champion, and a qualifier for the Tough Mudder X Championship, along with a 2nd place overall finish at the 2019 Epic Series, she is fit to represent. Brooke finished 14th overall in the 2021 Hyrox VCF right behind former VCF winner Ehea Schuerch. She also has a Deka Strong time of 16:49 and a Hyrox time of 1:31:02.

Renee Metivier

Who has the time it takes to read all of Renee’s accomplishments? I will list a few highlights. She was an Olympic trials qualifier for every Olympic year between 2004 and 2020, has run a 15:15 5km, has run a marathon in 2 hours 27 minutes, and she holds three world records. Unlike most pro runners though, Renee is no stranger to the power game. She likes to lift.

Katie Knight

With a 21-minute 5km and a 1 mile in just under 6 minutes, Katie may not be the fleetest of foot in this group, but her CrossFit background and 4th place finish at OCR Stars shows she has the strength and ability to make up the difference.

Rachel Schriber

If you are thinking I know that name, you probably saw her help introduce the 21.2 workout for the CrossFit Open. She set an impressive time of 10:37. She also announced her presence to the Hyrox world by coming 2nd in the 2021 Hyrox VCF and was pushing Lauren Weeks at every moment. This woman can squat 285, and she ran the 3200 meters in under 12 minutes. She has all the physical tools needed to be in this competition.

Rebecca Hammond

With the ability to run under a 5-minute mile and a 6km under 23 minutes, speed will not be an issue for Rebecca. She has multiple podiums at Spartan Championships, North American Obstacle Course Racing Championships, Obstacle Course Racing World Championships and has been a defender for the Million Dollar Mile television show. She also has a previous Hyrox time of 1:14:07. I don’t see lack of experience being an issue for her either.

Sarah Harrison

Sarah is another great hybrid athlete. She has been a little off the radar since 2018 when she was crushing Tough Mudder X, but that doesn’t mean she has been taking it easy. She made that evident when she showed up with a killer performance at the Hyrox VCF grabbing 3rd and earning her spot in this Hyrox Invitational.

Invited to initial date, out since new April date announced.

Lindsay Webster

Kristi Eramo

Ehea Schuerch

Imke Salander




What if I wasn’t invited but think I can win/podium?

Sign up for the pro wave. Kick some ass, win pro wave prizes. Maybe you get invited to the next one?

For example, former Spartan Pro, David Magida, signed up and told us the following:

I think what people are forgetting is that it doesn’t matter if you’re an elite runner or cross fitter.  Because this is neither of those things.  This is a very particular event that suits a very particular type of athlete.  Just like in track.  There are events for sprinters and events for distance runners. And this particular event suits me perfectly. I’m 190 lbs.  I love to move weight. Strength doesn’t phase me.  I just ran a 53 minute 10 miler. I’m in the best shape of my life right now. and I’m going to shock a lot of people.

Is the $5,000 World Record bounty up for grabs this time?


Can I come and watch without competing.


Will they be using TrueForm running machines as we saw in Germany?

No, this will be 1k laps of running between each station.

Video Interview With Hunter



Fruitstone V. Spartan Class Action Lawsuit

If you’ve registered for at least one Spartan Race in recent years, you received an email notice of the class action settlement that has been filed in Florida.

This morning Josh and Matt recorded a special edition of Davis and Chace. They included Ben Hamlet, a lawyer from Virginia that has been obstacle racing since 2012. In this video, they break down what the lawsuit is and what steps you may want to take next.


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We will also have lots of up to date stuff on  Instagram (and Instagram Stories) .


Ryans Jacksonville


Continuing coverage all weekend at the links below, including:

  • Friday – Spartan Cross
  • Spartan – Whatever floats our boat.
  • Sunday – US National Series Sprint Race Coverage


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2021 Spartan Ultra World Championship

2021 – $35,000 Payout – Spartan 24 Hour World Championship

The 2021 Spartan Ultra World Championship has been scheduled for Telluride, Colorado the weekend of October 9-11.  After 3 years abroad, the 2020 Spartan 24 Hour Ultra World Championship was supposed to happen in  Killington, Vermont in September of 2020. However, Covid cancelled that event.

Spartan introduced their 24 hour version of an obstacle race back in Iceland back in 2017. It took place again there in 2018., In 2019 the event moved to Sweden.

You can register for the 2021 event and learn more details here.

Learn how to qualify here.

2021 Ultra World Championship Male and Female Payouts

1st  $ 8,000
2nd  $4,000
3rd  $ 2,500
4th  $ 1,000
5th  $ 800
6th  $ 600
7th  $ 400
8th  $ 300
9th  $ 200
10th $ 100


History Of The Spartan 24 Hour Race

2017   Iceland Participants
Men Women
Joshue Fiore Morgan McKay 379 Elite 86 Open 293
Pavel Paloncy Vanessa Gebhardt
David Dietrich Allison Tai
2018   Iceland 387 Elite 82 AG 117 Open 188
Ryan Atkins Janka Pepova
Radek Padour Morgan McKay
Sigyrjon Sturluson Anette Sande
2019 Sweden 255 Elite 47 AG 92 Open 116
Ryan Atkins Rea Kolbl
Sebastian Haakannsson Myriam Guillot-Boisset
Aaron Newell Janka Pepova


Complete Press Release

Spartan®, the world’s leading endurance sports and wellness brand, will bring the 24-hour “Spartan Ultra World Championship” to the United States for the first time, to Telluride Ski Resort in the town of Mountain Village, Colorado. October 10-11, 2021.

The brand’s most challenging event kicks off Spartan’s Obstacle Course Race (OCR) World Championship Season, bringing some of the best endurance athletes in the world to the picturesque destination, where they will face more than 4,000 feet of vertical elevation per loop, technical terrain and unpredictable weather conditions.

The fourth annual Spartan Ultra World Championship will challenge the mental and physical capacities of racers as they complete multiple laps on a 10-mile course featuring at least 25 obstacles per loop – nearly double that of its previous format — for the 24-hour period. The male and female athletes who complete the most laps in the 24-hour time period will be crowned champions – with the top 10 in each category sharing more than $35,000 in prize money. The ultra-endurance race is gated at the Elite and Age Group levels, with 300 spots available for Elite and 1000 spots available for Age Group categories. An Open heat is also available for non-qualified participants, with limited spots available.

In addition to the 24-hour Ultra World Championship, the event weekend features a 30-obstacle, half-marathon Spartan Beast® race Saturday, October 9.

Registration for the 2021 Spartan Ultra World Championship opens Friday, February 19 at noon ET.


New Spartan US National Series Dates

Spartan Race have announced that the USNS Spartan Race originally scheduled for San Luis Obispo on Sunday, April 11, has moved to the fall. The new date will be Sunday November 21st.

Here is what Spartan released regarding the SLO weekend for 2021.

This race has officially been postponed to November 20th (Spartan Beast, Spartan Ultra) and 21st (Spartan Super, Spartan Trail), 2021 and will take place at the same location as previously scheduled: Santa Margarita Ranch in Santa Margarita, CA. FInd all event details here

The Spartan Super on Sunday, November 21st, 2021 will be a National Series Race. For more details regarding the Spartan US National Series events please visit the FAQ here.

If, however, you are not able to attend the new date and would like to transfer to a new event in 2021, you will have until May 1st, 2021 to defer your event without a transfer fee. After that time, standard transfer fees and terms will apply. If you defer, a credit will be applied for the retail value of your registration at the time you registered, toward your new race. You will be responsible for any price difference on the new event.

US National Series

The following races make up the 2021 US National Series:

  • Jacksonville Sprint – Sunday February 28, 2021
  • Big Bear Super – Sunday May 16, 2021
  • Utah Beast – Saturday July 17, 2021
  • West Virginia Beast – Saturday August 28, 2021
  • San Luis Obispo Super – Sunday, November 21, 2021

US National Series Rules:

  • Your best 3 out of 5 races will count towards your final series ranking.
  • All race levels are scored the same. There is no weighting between race levels, for example Sprint vs Super, or Sprint vs Beast.
  • Only the specific USNS race distance will count towards the series ranking. Other races held on a USNS weekend do not count towards your series score.

World Championship Qualification:

On Monday October 25th 2021 at 12pm EDT, all Elite and Age Group leaderboards as they stand on this date for all global National & Regional Series, will be used to determine qualifying spots for the World Championship during.

If any series events take place after this date and standings are affected by said events, World Championship invites will not be rescinded from competitors, however any new qualifiers will be extended an invitation to World Championship.

The following table provides an overview of the 2021 World Championship qualifying system and spots allocated.



Our video with a more in depth explanation

UltraMarathon/FKT Gear List – What I wore/ate for the 61 mile Silver Comet Trail Fastest Known Time.


Non linkable personal items

  1. Long sleeve tech tee.
  2. Short sleeve tech tee.
  3. Long sleeve cotton tee.
  4. 2 buffs
  5. Cooling towel
  6. Little brown warm hat


Packed at home

Running East from Alabama/Georgia state line.

Stop #1   Mile 10 – Grand’s Food Store 724 S Main St, Cedartown, GA 30125.
1 bottle of water. 1 gatorade. 2 bananas

Stop #2    Mile 23 – Kwik Serve 406 Nathan Dean Pkwy, Rockmart , GA 301532
2 bottles of water. Chocolate chip cookie. Advil packs. Pepto Packs.

Stop #3   Mile 36   – Silver Comet Trail & Mc Pherson Church Road, Georgia
Bottle of water from a stranger

Stop #4  Mile 42 –  Wendy’s – 100 Charlie Watts Dr, Dallas, GA 30157
Number 4 meal. Crispy Chicken Sandwich. Fries. Doctor Pepper. (Also refilled my water at soda machine)

Stop #5  Mile 52 Publix 3721 New MacLand Rd #300, Powder Springs, GA 30127
2 bottles of water. Smuckers PB and Honey UnCrustables. Frapachino

Recommended Directions And Stops

For the starting point, I suggest you get dropped off .2 miles west of State Line. Click this photo for actual google map.Silver Comet Trail Starting Point

The Silver Comet map suggests you get dropped off at the Esom Hill Trailhead, but then you have to run .3 miles BACKWARDS to start. Who wants to begin a 60+ mile run by going backwards!?!

Here are the pit locations I suggest which require the least amount of extra mileage.

Mile – Location

10  – Grand’s Food Store 724 S Main St, Cedartown, GA 30125
24  – Kwik Serve 406 Nathan Dean Pkwy, Rockmart , GA 30153
29.5 – Citgo 43 Coots Lake Rd, Rockmart, GA 30153
40 –  Exxon 257 Buchanan Street. Dallas, GA 30132
52 – Publix 3721 New MacLand Rd #300, Powder Springs, GA 30127
56 – RaceTrac 4414 Austell Rd, Austell, GA 30106

61- Finish – Mavell Road Trailhead

Video Of The Journey

Gear and Nutrition Video