Names to Watch in 2021 (Men)

Until last year, there were only about 7 men who could were capable of podiuming at major race (Hobie, Cody, Atkins, Killian, Woods, Hunter, and Albon). All of that changed in 2019. Suddenly, predicting the top finishers was no longer as easy as it used to be. OCR fans may have been surprised to see Johnny, Veejay, Ryan Kempson, Tyler, and Aaron emerge as contenders, but they were all trending in that direction for years. Let’s take a look at some athletes who I think will make a similar jump next year, assuming OCR returns to normal at some point in 2021.

Richard Hynek (@richard_hynek)

If you someone hadn’t heard of Richard Hynek before the Trifecta WC last year, you definitely knew the name afterwards. Richard ran a dominating Beast on the final leg of the Trifecta WC to win the title by 4:13 over Woods, Killian, Atkins, Newell, and the best racers from throughout Europe. However, his performance in Greece shouldn’t have been much of a surprise. After all, he finished 3rd behind Jon Albon and Albert Soley the year before. Additionally, Hynek finished 14th at Tahoe a month earlier and 16th in 2018. Not a bad resume for someone who is only 21.

Richard Hynek is essentially the Veejay Jones of Europe. After collecting his first podium at the ripe-old age of 18, Richard has added over 20 more since. Seven of those podiums have taken place in the Middle East. What do you get if you combine his experience racing on sand in the Middle East, his phenomenal downhill running skills, and confidence from beating the world’s best racers in Greece? A serious threat to podium at the 2021 Spartan Race World Championship in Abu Dhabi.

Mark Gaudet (@markgaudet85)

There haven’t been too many obstacle races in 2020, but there have been several notable challenges involving OCR-specific fitness this season. One of those was the Burpee 10k, which consisted of 12 rounds of running 800m then doing 20 burpees. Mark completed this challenge in an absurd 45:38.

Let’s break that down real quick. If it took Mark 3 seconds per burpee (a very solid pace for 240 total burpees), that’d be 12:00 worth of burpees. Subtract that out and it means Mark would’ve run his 10k in about 33:30 (5:24 mile pace). That’s absolutely ridiculous, especially considering how much of a toll that burpees take on your body. Needless to say, Mark is one of the best compromised runners in OCR.

Then there was the Ultra Virus 12-hour race in which athletes ran as many 5-mile loops as possible within 12 hours. Mark finished 2nd with 85 miles (8:24/mile pace) during that race, just behind another Mark (see below). The 4x Best Ranger competitor also finished 4th at 2018 World’s Toughest Mudder with 85 miles. Between his military background and ultra-endurance performances, Mark can suffer with the best in the sport.

Mark has steadily improved at major races over the past two seasons, improving from 23rd to 11th at West Virginia last year. After closing out 2019 with a 15th place finish at Tahoe, Mark started the 2020 season strong with a 7th place finish at Jacksonville. Now that he has a full US National Series of experience, expect Mark to continue to gain on the lead pack with consistent top-5-10 finishes at major races next season.

Mark Batres (@mgbracing)

Everyone has known about Mark Batres for years. He’s the super-talented runner who has the potential to win every major race, but he hasn’t been able to put it all together for a whole season. Next year will finally be his breakthrough year in OCR.

I honestly thought 2019 was going to be Mark’s breakthrough season. Mark finished top-9 at all 2018 US National Series races, including 3rd in Chicago and 7th at Tahoe. The 2019 season was starting off with two very flat courses in Jacksonville and Alabama. It seemed as though Mark was destined for an amazing 2019 season, but he essentially spent all of 2019 injured.

Finally healthy again to start the 2020 season, Mark narrowly missed the podium with a 5th place finish in Jacksonville. All signs pointed to a great comeback season for Mark, but then Covid-19 happened. As a result, he decided to see how far he could run in 12 hours at ORM’s first Ultra Virus race. He did ok. And by “ok,” I mean ran 85 miles and would have broken the 100-mile world record if he continued that pace after the race ended.

There aren’t too many venues in the US that consist of sandy terrain, but Mark has absolutely dominated those that do (Laughlin and Arizona). Given his quick stride and success on sandy courses, I’d argue that Mark is OCR’s best sand runner in the US, which is great news for him in Abu Dhabi. Additionally, Mark is very heat-acclimated from living in southern California, so he won’t suffer due to the heat in Abu Dhabi. Temperatures in Abu Dhabi in December often reach into the 80s, so athletes who aren’t as heat-acclimated as Mark may not perform as well. Don’t be surprised if Mark is battling for a podium spot at next year’s Spartan Race World Championship.

Mohammed Mira (@mohammedmira5359)

Before I reveal names, which OCR athlete’s running PRs do you think are most impressive?

If you picked “E”, then you chose Mohammed Mira. Here are the rest of the answers: “A” = Max King, “B” = Ryan Woods, “C” = Mark Batres, and “D” = Hobie Call.

As you can see, Mohammed Mira is one of the fastest pure runners in OCR history. All of the other names on that list have had plenty of OCR success, so there’s no reason to think Mohammed won’t follow in their footsteps. In fact, he already has, winning last year’s Spartan Middle East/North Africa (MENA) Regional Championship by over 4 minutes.

You might think to yourself, “Yeah, but he probably didn’t face as good competition as he would in the US or Europe.” That’s true in terms of depth of the field, but the top athletes who race in the Middle East are truly world-class OCR athletes. Mira beat Egor Belousov (13th at Tahoe last year), Sergei Perelygin (3 straight podiums at OCRWC 3k and the 2018 Spartan European Regional champion), and Armin Botha (14:16 5k PR and one the best obstacle racers in South Africa), among others.

Based on the research I’ve done, I’d put Mohammed Mira as one of my dark-horse podium picks for the 2021 Spartan Race WC in Abu Dhabi. Mohammed won’t need to travel 10+ hours like many of the top athletes and he’s an incredible runner on sand. Don’t be surprised if you see Mohammed Mira leading much of next year’s Spartan Race World Championship.

Nikita Kriukov (@nikita_kriukov)

What do Zuzana Kocumova, Claude Godbout, and Marco Bedard have in common? They were all Olympic or world-class cross-country skiers before switching to OCR. How good was Nikita Kriukov at skiing? Let’s take a look:

2 Olympic medals in cross-country skiing
— Gold medal at 2010 Winter Olympics (Individual Sprint)
— Silver medal at 2014 Winter Olympics (Team Sprint)

Cross-Country Skiing World Championships
— 3 gold medals (2013 Individual Sprint, 2015 Team Sprint, 2017 Team Sprint)
— 1 silver medal (2015 Team Sprint)
— 1 bronze medal (2011 Team Sprint)

The guy even has a Wikipedia page, so you know he’s legit:

Unfortunately, Nikita he may not be able to compete at OCRWC in Vermont next year. Many top Russian OCR athletes (including Sergei Perelygin) have been unable to obtain a travel visa to compete in the US. That’s why you never saw most of the top Russian athletes at Tahoe.

However, Nikita could certainly compete for the Spartan Race world title in Abu Dhabi. Realistically, Nikita would probably do better at OCRWC due to his obstacle proficiency. Seriously, watch some of his Instagram videos for proof that he’s truly an obstacle racer now, not just a good endurance athlete who can fake their way through harder obstacles.

Now for the bad news: Nikita received lifetime doping ban in 2018 after his bloodwork from the 2014 Olympics was retested. However, that ban was reversed, meaning he was later cleared of wrongdoing. What if he does well at major international OCR events? How will OCR fans deal with the fact that he potentially may have been doping throughout his athletic career? Will most assume he is guilty by association since so many other Russian Olympians cheated the system this decade? We’ll know the answer soon once Nikita Kriukov starts beating some of the best in the sport.

Kris Brown (@krisbobbrown)

Raise your hand if you think you could have won the Tahoe Ultra Beast last year by 48 minutes then come back the next day to finish 25th in the Beast at the 2019 Spartan Race World Championship? That’s what Kris Brown did last year, so unless your last name is Atkins, Killian, or Albon, you should put your hand down.

The OCR story of Kris Brown is a unique one. After winning the 2010 Malibu Sprint, Kris finished 2nd at the 2012 Sacramento Beast between Hobie Call and Hunter McIntyre (whose shoe fell off during the race). He then disappeared from obstacle racing for 6 years before winning the 2018 SoCal Beast by 12 minutes. And by “disappeared,” I mean he became a professional trail runner who finished top-10 at the prestigious Western States 100 [Miler].

Competition was much deeper in after Kris returned to OCR in 2019 compared to what he faced in the early years, so he didn’t experience the same immediate success. After finishing 12th-19th at three US National Series events and 25th at Tahoe, Kris pulled off a 10th-place finish at the Trifecta WC in Greece. Now that he has had a year of improving his obstacle proficiency and carries, expect big things from Kris Brown in 2021 if he takes OCR seriously next year.

Peter Mlynar

The second former Olympic cross-country skier on my watch list, Peter Mlynar can climb with the best athletes in OCR. After sitting in the top-10 throughout the first hour of the 2018 Spartan World Championship, Peter dropped to 25th due to obstacle failures. However, Peter has podiumed in 12 of his 14 career Spartan Races. Last year was his first full season as an OCR athlete, so Peter will surely continue to improve due to the experience he gained last year.

Other Names to Watch

-– Forrest Bouge
-– David Magida
-– Logan Broadbent
-– Nic Maszk
-– Joshua Riedinger
-– Hawk Call (still in college)
-– Nicholas Ryker
-– Daniel Sorenson

-– Christopher Woolley
-– Liam MacKenzie
-– Matt Murphy (making a comeback)

-– Piotr Lobodzinski
-– Luca Pescolderungg
— Igor Gorbunov
— Ivan Degtyarev
— Peter Ceniga
— Til Leipziger
-– Juan Jose Rodriguez Garcia
— Alexis Dewet
-– Samuel Castela

-– Armin Botha
— James Meredith

-– Niu Zhiming
-– Dailong Sheng
— Elias Tabac
— Gabe Heck

Virtual Boston Marathon 2020

If you were registered and accepted to run in the 2020 Boston Marathon, you can request to run the Virtual Boston Marathon between September 7 and 14, and still receive a finisher medal.

We just received our Boston Marathon box of goodies in the mail. We opened it up right away to see what is inside and also do a walk through of using the Virtual Boston Marathon in app experience.

Some FAQ from the Boston Marathon Website

(Q) I was entered in the 2020 Boston Marathon. How do I get my refund?
(A) All Boston Marathon entrants will be offered a full refund of their entry fee. Information on how to receive your refund will be communicated by e-mail in the coming weeks. Due to the volume of refunds being processed, the length of time before receiving your refund may be multiple weeks or months. We appreciate your patience, and assure you we will process all requests as quickly as possible.

(Q) If I purchased tickets to race week events (such as the Unicorn Club, Pre-Race Dinner or Post-Race Party), will I receive a refund?
(A) Yes. Information on how to receive your refund for purchases such as the Unicorn Club and Pre-Race Dinner or Post-Race Party tickets will be communicated by e-mail in the coming weeks. Due to the volume of refunds being processed, the length of time before receiving your refund may be multiple weeks or months. We appreciate your patience, and assure you we will process all requests as quickly as possible. Refunds do not include merchandise.

(Q) How do I enter the virtual Boston Marathon?
(A) Information on how to enter the virtual Boston Marathon will be communicated to all Boston Marathon entrants in the coming weeks. All participants who were originally entered in the Boston Marathon for April 20, 2020 are eligible to participate in the virtual Boston Marathon. This includes entrants who had previously opted for a race refund prior to the May 28 announcement.

(Q) What will I receive if I enter the virtual Boston Marathon?
(A) Surrounding September’s virtual Boston Marathon, the B.A.A. will offer a series of virtual events and activities throughout September’s Marathon Week (September 7-14) in an effort to bring the Boston Marathon experience to you.

Virtual offerings for participants during that week will include exclusive panel discussions, champions interviews, and a downloadable Boston Marathon toolkit that includes signature race elements such as a printable finish line, winner’s breaktape, and more. Further details and a complete list of entrant amenities will be sent to all participants in the near future.

(Q) What will I receive if I finish the virtual Boston Marathon?
(A) Participants in the virtual 2020 Boston Marathon will be required to complete the 26.2 mile distance within a six hour time period and provide proof of timing to the B.A.A. All athletes who complete the virtual race will receive an official Boston Marathon program, participant t-shirt, medal, and runner’s bib. Further details will be sent to all entrants in the near future.

(Q) What are the rules for the virtual Boston Marathon? How can I submit my time?
(A) Rules and guidelines surrounding the virtual Boston Marathon will be communicated by email and via in the near future. Participants in the virtual Boston Marathon will be required to complete the 26.2 mile distance within a six hour time period and provide proof of timing to the B.A.A.

(Q) Can I complete the 26.2 miles over multiple days?
(A) Participants are expected to complete the 26.2 marathon distance continuously, on the same day, and not broken up over several days.

(Q) Is there a fee to enter or participate in the virtual Boston Marathon?
(A) Registration details, including fees for participation and/or shipping costs, will be communicated to all Boston Marathon entrants in the near future.

(Q) Can I use my 2020 Boston Marathon qualifying time for the 2021 Boston Marathon?
(A) Yes. The B.A.A. is reviewing all specifics involved in the registration procedure for the 2021 Boston Marathon, and additional details related to both the qualifying window and registration dates for the 2021 Boston Marathon will be announced and posted in the coming weeks.

(Q) When will registration for the 2021 Boston Marathon open?
(A) Registration for the 2021 Boston Marathon will open towards the end of September 2020. The beginning of the qualifying window to be used for application and entry into the 2021 Boston Marathon has been established to be September 15, 2018, which means that we will accept qualifying performances posted for the 2020 event into the 2021 race, as well. Achieving and submitting a qualifying time during Boston Marathon registration does not guarantee acceptance into the Boston Marathon.

(Q) Can I use my virtual Boston Marathon time as a qualifying time for the 2021 Boston Marathon?
(A) Virtual race times that are submitted to confirm participation in the 124th virtual Boston Marathon in 2020 will not count towards qualification for the 2021 Boston Marathon.

(Q) Are deadlines still in place for participants running for a charity team?
(A) Specific questions about fundraising deadlines and timelines should be directed to the manager of the charity team with which you are affiliated.

(Q) Why can’t I defer my entry?
(A) We appreciate and understand the desire by many to experience the Boston Marathon, and know how hard many participants worked to earn their spot on the starting line. However, we are unable to offer the option to defer entry to the 31,500 athletes who were expected to participate in the 124th Boston Marathon. The field size for the April 2021 race has not yet been set, and it will need to take into account guidelines and regulations for large scale events that have yet to be established.

In recognition of this unique circumstance, all participants who were originally registered for the April 20, 2020 event will be offered a full refund of their entry fee associated with the race and will also have the opportunity to participate in the virtual alternative to the 124th Boston Marathon held in September. Entrants who were accepted into the 2020 Boston Marathon by way of a qualifying time may use their 2020 Boston Marathon qualifying time to apply for entry into the 2021 event. The beginning of the qualifying window for the 2021 Boston Marathon has been established as September 15, 2018, which means that we will accept qualifying performances posted for the 2020 event into the 2021 race, as well.


Sparta Greece 2020 TriFecta Weekend Update

Sparta Greece 2020

Source – Spartan ZenDesk.

If you are registered for any 2020 Spartan Race in any of the following countries listed below (which Spartan Race calls WEU), you can now transfer to the event in Sparta Greece, on November 6-8, 2020:

  • Andorra
  • Austria
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Switzerland

If you are registered for a Sprint, you can transfer to a Sprint. If you are registered for a Super, you can transfer to a Super or a Sprint.

If you are registered for a Beast, you can transfer to the Sprint, Super, or Beast. However, since its a special Trifecta weekend, you cannot sign up only for the Beast without also racing the Sprint and Super.

Also, you still need to be qualified, if you want to do the entire Trifecta Weekend.  To be eligible you would have had to have completed a Trifecta in 2019 OR from Sparta to Sparta (November 5th 2019 – November 8th 2020).

Check out specific details on how to transfer here.

Sparta Greece Trifecta Weekend

If you are UNABLE to travel to Greece because of travel restrictions, Spartan will not refund you, but will offer you a Voucher valid for Sparta Trifecta World Championships 2021.

Please visit the IATA website, which lists current travel restrictions around the world.

Register for 2021 Spartan Races here.

Hunter McIntyre Virtual Race Partners With OCRWC


Hunter McIntyre Virtual Race

Hunter McIntyre is putting on OCR based virtual race with the largest pay out we have seen to date. He has promised a minimum of $31,000 in payouts, with additional cash if the registration numbers get high enough.

The competition called OCR Star will begin on November 2nd and run for 4 weeks. There will be 2 running based workouts and 2 gym based workouts.

Competitors will have from Monday to Friday at midnight to complete the workout of the week. Saturday and Sunday, Hunter’s team will review submission videos and determine the winners and standings. They will post the leaderboard and award the winning man and woman $1,000 each week.


Hunter-McIntyre Murph Attempt

When the 4 weeks are over, there will be a men’s and women’s overall podium winner that will get $5,000 each. 2nd place will receive $3,000, 3rd gets $2,000, 4th $1,000, and 5th will receive $500.

Age group winners will not get cash prizes, but Hunter told us he is working with sponsors to get prizes for the AG categories. Additionally, there will be 440 spots awarded for the 2021 OCR World Championships in Vermont.

You can find out more and register at

Video interview is below

2021 Spartan Season Pass Info Released

2021 Spartan Season Pass

Spartan Race released information 2021 Season Passes earlier today.

This year, Spartan is including even more with their Season Pass, and for the first time in forever, NO PRICE INCREASE.


Spartan Open Season Pass                              $799

Spartan Age Group Season Pass                    $999

Spartan Elite Season Pass                              $1199

*Spartan Trifecta Season Pass                          $349

*Any 3 races, any wave for Stadion or Sprint, Super, and Beast.

Season Pass Holders Receive:

Access to unlimited US obstacle course race events (including 4 hr Hurricane Heat events but excluding Ultra events) from August 17, 2020 through December 31, 2021

Receive 50% off of entry to all Ultra, 12 Hr HH, and Agoge events

Get the exclusive Season ‘21 Spartan Pass Athlete merchandise kit which includes: one Spartan Pass Athlete t-shirt, one Spartan Pass Athlete hoodie, and one Spartan Pass Athlete velcro patch (can be swapped out on hoodie)

Get a free, one-year subscription to SpartanFIT — our exclusive training app.

$150 merchandise credit, plus 20% off additional Spartan merchandise purchases. Click the store photo link below.

Spartan 2021 Pass Gear

Receive one free festival pass for every event you race.

Receive free Spectator pass for every event you race.

Multi-lap Discount.

Get VIP notifications for new race openings.

For Elite Season Pass – Competitors will still have to qualify AND apply to run as Elite. The Season Pass will be fully gated, meaning you will not be able to sign up before submitting qualifying information. Click here to learn more.

How to Sign Up For Spartan Race Season Passes: Click this link.


What if I already signed up for a 2020 Season Pass and then didn’t race, because of COVID 19?

Then you have nothing to do, your 2020 code will work for all of 2021.

Will I get the 2021 Gear Kit if I purchased a 2020 Season Pass?

Not automatically, but you can upgrade for another $100

2021 Season Pass Merchandise

Can I use my 2021 pass for Spartan Trail Races? 

No, 2021 Season Pass purchases are valid for 2021 OCR related events only. For Trail Series events, please review the Spartan Trail Season Pass!


Some of the links that ORM uses are affiliate links. They help pay for our operations. However, all race and product reviews are independent, and our opinions are our own.

Eco Challenge Worlds Toughest Race Fiji – Results And Breakdown

Eco Challenge Fiji – The World’s Toughest Race is now streaming on Amazon.

671 K/417 miles of mountains, jungles, rivers, ocean, and swamp. 5 legs. 31 Checkpoints.

Spoilers Ahead Including Order Of Finish

TC – Team Captain. TAC – Team Assistance Crew. * Featured on television show episodes

Teams That Did Not Finish

*Able Abels (USA)
Dan Abel (TC), Ashley Abel, Lauren Abel, Fletcher Hammel, Allison Abel (TAC)

Ireland AR (Ireland)
Rob Heffernan (TC), Jason Black, Mark Lattanzi, Rachel Nolan, Ivan Park (TAC)

Israel (Israel)
Elad Benjamin (TC), Daniel Keren, Ben Enosh, Linur Krigel Tsarfati, Amit Weiner (TAC)

Freemind Italia (Italy)
Marco Ponteri (TC), Clelia Ponteri, Beppe Scotti, Telemaco Murgia, Tiziano Murgia (TAC)

*East Wind (Japan)
Masato Tanaka (TC), Machiko Nishii, Koki Yasuda, Akira Yonemoto, Masayuki Takahata (TAC)

Tollocan Mexico (Mexico)
Alejandro Carretero (TC), Yara Borbon, Fernando Villicana, Jorge Pavon, Adolfo Vela (TAC)

*Atenah Brasil (Brazil)
Shubi-Silvia Guimares (TC), Karina Bacha Lefevre, Nora Audre, Jose Caputo, Jose Pupo (TAC)

Outlab Argentina (Argentina)
Alejandro Eugenio Kuryluk (TC), Ignacio Raigoso, Silvina Bedecarras, Leonardo Yozzi, Fabian Cordiviola (TAC)

*Curl (USA)
Jennifer Walker Hemmen (TC), Justin Smith, Brett Gravlin, Steven Lenhart, Jeff Failers (TAC)

Team Curl

* Endure (USA)
Travis Macy (TC), Mark Macy, Danelle Ballengee, Shane Sigle, Andrew Speers (TAC)

* Team Flying J (USA)
Dianette Wells (TC), Guy LaRocque, Harald Zundel, Blain Reeves, Brian Johnson (TAC)

Team Nika (USA)
Jeffery Bates (TC), Kara Haun, Ashley Andrews, John Bender, Keira Galan (TAC)

*Onyx (USA)
Clifton Lyles (TC), Corree Aussem-Woltering, Samantha Scipio, Chirss Smith, Mikayla Lyless (TAC)
Team Onyx Eco Challenge

Eco DXB (Dubai)
Emma Taylor (TC), Khalifa Algharfi, Ali Monguno, Ivana Kolaric, Peter Langley (TAC)

Ecuador (Ecuador)
Amber Laree de Freire (TC), Oswaldo (Ossy) Freire, Diana Artete, Pablo Sandoval, Paul Guerra (TAC)

Team Science Winning (Russia)
Eduard Khalilov (TC), Evgeniya Khalilov, Viktor Sherstiuk, Valeriy Cherkasov, Vyacheslav Obrazstov (TAC)

Team Turk (Turkey)
KIlic (TC), Kenan Saran, Mike Saran, Eliska Hudcova, Andac Guven (TAC)

Chips Adventure (Uruguay)
Nicolas Davyt (TC), Luis Enrique Gomez, David Vega, Alejandra Isabella, Ernesto Parra (TAC)

*Peak Traverse (USA)
Ryan Opray (TC), Tim Cannard, Mikayla Wingle, Daniel Bussius, Stephen Morrow (TAC)

*Stray Dogs (USA)
Marshall Ulrich (TC), Adrian Crane, Bob Haugh, Nancy Bristow, Heather Ulrich (TAC)

Team Strong Machine (USA)
Cliff White (TC), Kate White, Starker White, Micheal Garrison, John McInnes (TAC)

*Team Unbroken (USA)
Hal Riley (TC), Gretchen Evans, Dr. Anne Bailey, Keith Mitchell Knoop, Cale Yarborough (TAC)

Teams That Finished

44. Canyoneros (USA)
Hien Nguyen (TC), Greg Watson, Nathan Whitaker, Lena Mcknight, Steven Geer (TAC)

43. Eagle Scouts (USA)
Eric Lillistorm (TC), Matthew Moniz, Katie Hancock, Corey Mullins, Charley Walton (TAC)

42 . *Tabu Soro (Fiji)
Uri Kurop (TC), Adam Wade, William Simpson, Anna Cowley, Semiti Tuitoga (TAC)

41. *Team Namako (Fiji)
Alivate Logavatu (TC), Petero Manoa, Eroni Takape, Kim Beckinsale, Courtney Nicole Kruse (TAC)

40. True North (Canada)
Alex Man (TC), Rebecca Man, Philip Roadley, Logan Roadley, Jayson Gillespie (TAC)

39. Team Regulators (USA)
Steven Bell (TC), Joshua Watkins, Heather Gustafson, Crista Jorgensen, Jason Hull (TAC)

38. *Team Mad Mayrs (Australia)
Tyson Mayr (TC), Elijah Mayr, Nick Mayr, Courtney Home, Chris Dixon (TAC)

37. Super Fighters
Heather Flebb (TC), Cary Flebbe, Sean Martin, Micheal Nicolaides, Danny Trudeau (TAC)

36. *Khukuri Warriors (India)
Tashi Malik (TC), Nungshi Malik, Brandon Fisher, Praveen Singh Rangar, Col VS Malik (TAC)

Khukuri Warriors

35.  Checkpoint Hunters (Netherlands)
Tom Oude Nijhuis (TC), Nienke Veenman, Wouter Neven, Rene Wolkorte, Tim Teutelink (TAC)

34. *Iron Cowboy (USA) 
Sonja Wieck (TC), James Lawrence, Shaun Christian, Aaron Hopkinson, Joe Morton (TAC)

33. Sundance Kids (USA)
Chase McMillian (TC), Scott Ward, Sylvia Greer, Aaron Smith, Jason Serman (TAC)

32. Peak Pursuit (Canada)
Benjamin Kwiatkowski (TC), Thomas Hardy, Elora Van Jarrett, Jasper Edge, Laura Lejune (TAC)

31. To-Get-Ther (Belgium)
Ludo Kaethoven (TC), Debby Urkens, Katrien Aerts, Jurgen Frtizz De Grauwe, Roger Urkens (TAC)

30. *AR Georgia (USA)
Thomas Ambrose (TC), Katie Ferrington, Jeff Leininger, Hunter Leininger, Jeni McNeal (TAC)

Podcast and Video with Hunter and Jeff Here.

Eco Challenge Fiji Team AR Georgia

29. US Military (USA)
Joshua Forester (TC), Caitlin Thorn, Jesse Tubb, Jesse Sprangler, Kevin Howser (TAC)

28. Tierra Viva (Argentina)
Guri Aznarez (TC), Veronica Astete, Juan Diego Lotz, Soledad Ermosilla, Dr. Marcelo Parada (TAC)

27. Meridianoraid Spain (Spain)
Antonio de la Rosa Suarez (TC), Jesus Bermejo, Pablo Samper, Lucia Funes Mendez, Luis Cabrera (TAC)

26. Aussie Rescue (Australia)
Samantha Gash (TC), Morgan Coull, Mark Wales, Jarrod Mitchell, Joshua Lynott (TAC)

25. Hombres D’Maiz (Guatemala)
Netzer Quan (TC), Andres Duante, Gabriela Molina, Sebastian Lancho, Leopoldo Bolanes (TAC)

24. Teenek Mexico (Mexico)
Jorge Mendiola (TC), Ulises Gonzalez, Tomas Perez, Kathryn Morland, Fransico Mendiola (TAC)

23. Scouts Australia (Australia)
Myall Quint (TC), Marni Williams, Bernard Cronan, Benjamin (Ben) Warner, Brett Johnson (TAC)

22. UK Adventurers (United Kingdom)
Kevin Stephens (TC), Joseph Selby, Nathalie Long, Tim Stephens, Gill Watson (TAC)

21. Costa Rica (Costa Rica)
Eduardo Baldioceda (TC), Sergio Sanchez, Gerhard Linner, Veronica Bravo, Eric Cano (TAC)

20. Checkpoint Zero (USA)
Shane Hagerman (TC), Christopher Von Ins, Peter Jolles, Michele Hobson, Micheal Seroczynski (TAC)

19. Colombia (Colombia)
Jorge Deigo Llano (TC), Jenny Sanin, Felix Vargas, Xavi Rodriguez Verdes, Jaroslav Najman (TAC)

18. 2nd Chance (Australia)
Deanna Blegg (TC), Maria Plyashechko, Sergey Kurvo, Darren Clarke, Gavin Allen (TAC)

Podcast Interview w/ Deanna and Gavin

17. Out There (USA)
Mike Kloser (TC), Josiah Middaugh, Gretchen Reeves, Gordon Townsend, Neil Jones (TAC)

16. Uruguay Natural (Uruguay)
Ruben Mandure (TC), Fredrica Frontini, Gonzalo Smaldone, Thiago Bonini, Laura Moratorio (TAC)

15. Bones Adventure (USA)
Roy Malone (TC), Mari Chandlar, Charles Triponez, Jen Segger, David Egbert (TAC)

14. *Bend Racing (USA):
Jason Magness (TC), Melissa Coombes, Stephen Thomas, Daniel Staudigel, Darren Steinbach (TAC)

Podcast with Jason and Dan.


13. Atlas (Canada)         
Alexandre Provost (TC), Karine Corbell, Lars Bukkehave, Mark Sky, Tessa Jennison (TAC)

12. Cyanosis (South Africa)
Clinton Mackintosh (TC), Nicholas Mulder, Sarah Fairmaid Clarke, Darren Barry, Steven Burnett (TAC)

11. *Estonian ACE (Estonia)
Silver Eensaar (TC), Timmo Tammemae, Reeda Tuula-Fjodorov, Rain Eensaar, Arthur Raichmann (TAC)

10. *Summit (Spain)
Emma Roca (TC), Jukka Pinola, Fran Lopez Costoya, Albert Roca Velazquez, David Rovira Roqueta (TAC)

Team Summit

9. Czech (Czech Republic)
Jan Cisar (TC), Pavel Paloncy, Tereza Rudolfova, Jan Obuskevic, Libor Kriz (TAC)

8. Swedeforce (Sweden)
John Karlsson (TC) , Malin Hjalmarsson, Emil Dahlqvist, Staffan Björklund, Johan Lilja (TAC)

7. Thunderbolt AR (Australia)
Dave Schloss (TC), Bernadette Dornom, Elizabeth Dornom, Leo Theoharis, Jan Leverton (TAC)

6. France Expenature (France)
Romy “Romulad” Viale (TC), Daphne Derouch, Calais Jean Baptiste, Benjamin Midena, Philippe Marchegay (TAC)

5. Vidaraid Adventure (Brazil)
Marco Amselem Rossini (TC), Urtiz Iglesias, Guilherme Pahl, Camila Nicolau, Artiz Bilbao Guerrero (TAC)

4. *Tiki Tour (New Zealand)
Tom Lucas (TC), Micheal Kelly, Joanna Williams, George Lucas, Jeremy Warnock (TAC)

3. *Gippsland Adventure (Australia) $25,000 prize winners
Rob Preston (TC), Kathryn Preston, Tim Boote, Aaron Prince, Patrick Howlett (TAC)

2. *Canada Adventure (Canada) $50,000 prize winners
Bob Miller (TC), Ryan Atkins, Scott Ford, Rea Kolbl, Wayne Leek (TAC)

Podcast interview with Ryan and Rea.Eco Challenge World's Toughest Race

1. *New Zealand (New Zealand) $100,000 prize winners
Nathan Fa’avee (TC), Sophie Hart, Stuart Lynch, Chris Forne, Mark Rayward (TAC)

Podcast with Nathan.

Team New Zealand Eco Challenge

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