Fabian Lindner

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Originally from Germany where he served in the Special Forces, Fabian moved to California in 2014 and now works in IT Security. What a nerd. He can be found at endurance events like the Spartan Race HH12HR, WTM, GORUCK, SEALFIT and other starting lines on the West Coast. A blog about his journey is at https://www.flownotforce.com/
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Rugged Maniac NorCal 2017

In 2017, Rugged Maniac came back to the East Bay of San Francisco for their NorCal event. Spartan Race,…
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Spartan Race Las Vegazona 2017

Picture by Taylor Mullin (@taylor_mullin_) Spartan Race came back to the Mesquite, Arizona Motocross Track for their “Las…