Ryan Fick

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When Ryan isn't writing race or product reviews you can usually find him being a typical weekend warrior. Ryan enjoys OCR's & "Fun Run's". Is there really such a thing as a Fun Run? Yes there is! It's all in what you make of it! Ryan enjoys attending events with his like minded wife Charity whom dragged him into the OCR community kicking & screaming. You won't typically find Ryan in the top leader board or even in the top quarter as he typically has just WAY too much fun at events playing in the mud, socializing with those on the course. Ryan was quite the coach potato until 2014 but has used OCR to help him get more active. In the last few years he has participated in over 35 events. He has created a home gym & is working his way to becoming more fit & is hoping to raise the bar on some of his finishing stats while still being able to have fun. Ryan has a beautiful Mudd Queen as a wife & 3 gorgeous daughters Brandi (20), Samantha (18) & Sierra (5) that keep him busy. Drop him a line if you have any questions or just want to say Hi. =)