Brian Boyle

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After a near fatal car accident in 2004, Brian Boyle was placed on life support, underwent 14 major operations, received 36 blood transfusions, and was resuscitated eight times during a two month coma. After relearning how to walk again and then spending three years in recovery, he went on to participate in over 4 dozen endurance events including 5 Ironman's, 16 marathons, and two ultramarathons. A two time published author, Brian has recently started competing in OCR events, and is very much looking forward to racing in many more this season.
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2017 Bonefrog Washington DC

The Location Last weekend I participated in the Washington DC Bonefrog, which is the only Navy SEAL owned…
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Warrior Dash Maryland 2017

The Location I recently participated in Warrior Dash Maryland, which was a very fun and challenging experience. The…